View Full Version : Rise of the Squigs!

09-07-2010, 07:00 PM
I am a night goblin player from way way back. I wanted to pass along how much better that army has gotten under 8th edition. Under 7th you had to choose your special choices carefully, and a lot of night goblinny goodness was in the special choices.

In 8th, I have been able to field all of the war machines I did under 7th AND Squig herds. I placed at the ard boys prelims with a unit of 50, but recently i have scaled them down and am running three units of 20, 10 wide. My opponents were shocked to discover they were getting hit on 3's and wounded on 2's by lowly squigs. Plus, running them 10 wide when the squigs go wild one third of the enemy army gets slugged. They are also immune to psychology, and get 22 strenth 5 attacks, there are not many squads that can take that. If you can WAAAGH them into hand to hand, look out, asf, reroll misses, at 120 points they will smash anything they hit.

These guys give you something, big, nasty and unwavering to string in front of your night goblin squads and shield them or to dominate the flanks. At the ardboys I did not lose the 50 man squad once and they accounted for a unit of silverhelms; two bolt throwers, a huge squad of ogres and against skaven doomwheel, a horde of giant rats, and a horde of slaves.

If any of you guys are looking to add something to your orc and goblin army, take a close look at the squigs, they have risen!