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08-21-2009, 12:10 AM
So, our local GW store is going to host an tournament. The idea is that you can come and play every thursday against the other players that have registered into the tournament. Oddly the points cost is only 1000 points per side(probably so that they would get in all those newcomers who donīt quite have 1500 point armies yet). I decided to go orks, leaving out the nod bikers because an 550+ points unit in a 1K point game is too much an one-trick pony. I decided two battlewagons because many people really wouldnīt expect that in 1000 points. So here you go:

Warboss, powerclaw, combi-scorcha, 'eavy armour, bosspole. 100

Big mek, kustom-force field, 'eavy armour. 90

6 nobz, cybork bodies, 3 powerclaws, 2 combi-scorchas, 1 Waaagh! banner,1 bosspole, 1 'eavy armour, painboy 290
-battlewagon, 2 big shootas, armour plates, ram 115

19 ork boyz, shootas, Nob, powerclaw, bosspole 154

3 deffkoptas, twin-linked rokkit launchas

battlewagon, 2 big shootas, armour plates, ram 115

Total points cost: 999 points

So there you go. Feel free to C/C;)

08-21-2009, 06:22 AM
I like it, just swap the Warbikes for Buggies or Deff Koptaz.

08-23-2009, 08:21 PM
For the Battlewagons, I'd change it to 1 shoota and 1 kannon (that way you can fire both) and change the ram to red paint.

On the boss, maybe mega-armour? It's 5 points more for double the save.

I'm a little iffy of the koptaz; I think they're too pricey.
If you want the AT, I'd take buggies with rokkits; otherwise bikers aren't bad (great toughness, good shooting, fast and a good save [armour or cover]).