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01-01-2011, 02:27 PM
Date, Time and Location and Game Points Limit

The Adeptus Quad Cities Game Club will be holding a Rogue Trader Tournament to determine which player is the TOP DOG in the Quad Cities area. This is the THIRD part of a three part tournament. All scores will be carried over to the next tournament, thus cumulative.

Saturday, March 19, 2011.
 Location of event: Games Plus 1, 4621 Cheyenne Ave Ste B Davenport, IA, (563) 391-1680.
 Registration starts at 9:00 am game play starts at 10:15 am.
 Points limit is 4,000 points. Apocalypse Roster.
 For further information contact Michael Ortiz at 309-236-3107 or email at [email protected]

Registration / Cost

 Doors open at 0800 hrs.
 Registration Fee: 5 Dollars, Also bring money for lunch.

Tournament Rules
1. The current 5th Edition Warhammer 40,000 rules and 5th Edition FAQ documents will be used.
2. All games will be played on two standard 6’x4’ game tables with pre-placed terrain. Direct any questions about your table’s terrain or terrain placement to the judges. The battles will have 5 objectives placed on the boards by the Judge(s).
3. No more than 4000 points may be spent on the army, also there can be no more than 6 structure points or 12 wound Gargantuan creature allowed (i.e. two wounds for every one structure point)
4. The army must follow the Apocalypse rules. Formations are allowed. Allies are allowed.
5. You must use the most current Codex as well as any available FAQ for your army.
6. Special Characters are permitted.
7. Imperial Armour (Forge World) is permitted. Fliers, Titans and Super-heavy vehicles are also permitted, VDR Rules are not allowed.
8. Only material from the 40K 5th Ed. rulebook, published Codices, Chapter Approved articles, Apocalypse, Apocalypse Reload, and several Forge World sourcebooks, and official GW 5th Ed. FAQs may be used. You must have a copy of the relevant rulebook, Codex, or article in your possession. Rules listed as Optional will not be used.
9. WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get. Let’s try and keep this simple. If you have any questions about a model, or modeling of a model ask the judge before the game. All models used must be of the appropriate type and number for the units that they represent. You may use converted miniatures and special character models to represent normal troop types and characters as long as what they are meant to represent is obvious.


Your opponents will score you on the following areas:
• Battle Points: There will be OBJECTIVES!!! Mission will be played out of the Apocalypse rule book.
• Sportsmanship: (max 20pts). You may earn up to 10pts for each game, as rated by your opponent.


The winners of this tournament will be recognized for their accomplishments. After these awards are and the recipients are recognized we will move on to recognize the winners of the overall three event tournament.

• Best Overall: Is the person with the highest score in the following categorizes; Battle, Sportsmanship. If there is a tie then the person with the highest score in Battles gets it. If there is still a tie then the breaker category will be Sportsmanship.
• Best Sportsman: Is the person with the highest score in Sportsmanship. If there is a tie then the 1st breaker will be Battle, the second breaker will be a wrestling match.

Top Dog Champion will get their hands on a ROVING Forge World Space Marine figure. This is the Top Dog Trophy. The winner of the tournament will also judge the next Top Dog tournament series.

• The Top Dog Champion will be determined by the COMBINED scores of all THREE EVENTS. This is the person with the highest score in all categories (Battle, Sportsman, and Appearance) combine.
• Top Dog Best Army: Will be the player with the combined score of all three events, Battle.
• Top Dog Best Sportsman: The Player with the highest sportsmanship score from all three events.
• Top Dog Best Appearance: The Player with the highest Painting score from the two prior events.


8:00 am Doors open for check-in
9:00 am 12:00pm Game #1
1205pm 1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm 2:00pm Game #1 continued
2:10pm 6:10pm Game #2
6:20pm 7:00pm Awards

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Also there is a change to the email contact. I ahve changed email services and here is the new contact

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