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01-24-2011, 02:05 AM
First time ever writing a battle report, but here goes.

First off, the Manly Marines are a chapter I invented to be amusing, when I finish buying and building the necessary models they will consist of SM legs (power armor or terminator armor, depending on the unit) and Catachan torsos, arms, and heads. I use the Space Wolves codex to represent them.

My list:

HQ: Sergeant Manly (Bjorn the Fell-handed) w/ assault cannon, 270pts

Chapter Master Gary (Logan Grimnar) 275pts

Captain Hammer (Wolf Lord) w/ 2x Thunder Hammers, Runic Armor, Belt of Russ, Wolf Tail Talisman, Saga of the Bear, 245pts

Commander Dhameon (Wolf Lord) w/ 2x Wolf Claws, Runic Armor, Belt of Russ, Wolf Tail Talisman, Saga of the Warrior Born, 225pts

Elites: Scott (Lone Wolf) w/ Storm Shield, Frost Weapon, Melta Bombs 80pts

Troops: Sergeant Hank and crew (Wolf Guard):

Sergeant Hank - Termy, Assault Cannon, Melta Bombs, 68pts
Sergeant Tim - Termy, 2x Wolf Claw, Melta Bombs, 53pts
Sergeant Jake - Termy, Chain Fist, Storm Shield, 63pts
Sergeant Rock - Termy, TH & SS, 63pts
Sergeant Fightmaster -Power Armor, Bolter & Bolt Pistol, Mark of the Wulfen, 33pts
Big F-ing Rock (Drop Pod) w/ Deathwind Missile Launcher 55pts

Sergeant Ermee and crew (Wolf Guard):
Sergeant Ermee - Termy, Assault Cannon, Frost Weapon, Melta Bombs, 78pts
Sergeant Power - Termy, Frost Weapon, Melta Bombs, 48pts
Sergeant Steel - Termy, Frost Weapon, Storm Shield, Melta Bombs, 63pts
Sergeant Stan - Termy, Power Weapon, Storm Shield, Melta Bombs, 53pts
Sergeant Jim - Termy, Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, Melta Bombs, 58pts
Big F-ing Rock (Drop Pod) w/ Deathwind Missile Launcher, 55pts

Mitch and friends (Grey Hunters) w/ Power Weapon (Mitch), Plasma Gun (Frank), Plasma Pistol (Fred), Mark of the Wulfen (Harry), three normal guys (Rick, Jack, and Kyle), 160pts

And a Big F-ing Rock for Mitch and friends, as well, 55pts Total: 2000pts

His List:

HQ: Warboss w/ Power Klaw, TL-Shoota, Cybork, 'Eavy Armor 105pts

Big Mek w/ KFF, Cybork, 95pts

Elites: Tank Bustas x6 w/ 2x Tank Hamma, 90pts

Lootas x15, 225

Kommandos x15 w/ Snikrot, 2x Burnas, 255pts

Troops: Nobz x10 w/ Painboy, Waaagh! Banner, Bosspole, Cybork, Stickbombz, 310pts

Trukk (for Nobz) w/ every upgrade but the rokkit launcha, 80pts

3x 30 Slugga Boyz w/ Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole, Stickbombz 250pts each

Heavy: 2 separate Killa Kans w/ Grotzooka, 45pts each Total: 2000pts

Mission & Deployment: Kill Points & Pitched Battle. I win the roll-off and choose to let the Orks go first.

Ork Deployment: He deployed with the Trukk carrying the Nobz and Mek w/ KFF in the middle of his deployment zone. Two mobs of Boyz were deployed on either side of the Trukk, the third was deployed behind it along with the Warboss. The Killa Kans were deployed on either side of the Trukk, between it and the Boyz. The Tankbustas were deployed along one flank, the Lootas on the other and preparing to move into a multi-level ruin. Snikrot & krew were held in reserves.

Manly Marines Deployment: I deployed Scott in the center of my deployment zone to make his suicide run. I deployed Sergeant Manly directly across from the Tankbustas. The rest of my army was held in reserves, with Captain Hammer and Commander Dhameon joined to Mitch & friends and Chapter Master Gary joined to Sergeant Hank & crew. Sergeant Fightmaster split off to join Mitch & friends as well.

I did not attempt to seize the initiative.

Ork Turn 1: The entire Ork army advanced in the movement phase. In the shooting phase the Tankbustas fire at Sergeant Manly, but being orks they miss horribly. The Killa Kans and Trukk attempt to take Scott down, but the Kans are out of range and the Trukk misses. Everything else runs.

Manly Marines Turn 1: Mitch & Friends drop in the corner behind the Lootas, very nearly falling off the board in the process. Hank & crew drop in the same corner, landing right next to Mitch & friends. Sergeant Manly and Scott advance the the movement phase. In the shooting phase Manly returns fire on the Tankbustas, but apparently he got distracted because he only hit twice and both hits failed to wound. Mitch & friends and Hank & crew fire at the Lootas. Only two Lootas die. Scott, not having a gun, runs forward another 4 inches.

Ork Turn 2: Snikrot comes in, sneaking up right next to Hank & crew. The Warboss and his Boyz start heading off towards the now occupied corner. Everything else, aside from the Lootas, advances further. In the shooting phase the Tankbustas hit Sergeant Manly once, but the shot bounces off harmlessly. The Kans and Trukk fire at Scott again, and this time one of the Kans hits and wounds. Scott fails his save and his FNP roll, apparently a gut full of metal scraps hurts. The Kommandos blaze away at Hank & crew, but nothing happens. The Lootas only get one shot each, but they manage to kill Jack and wound Captain Hammer. In the assault phase the Kans assault Scott and the Kommandos assault Hank & crew. The Kans butcher Scott horribly. Chapter Master Gary kills two Kommandos, the rest of the squad stumbles around like drunken morons. Hank, Tim, and Rock each take a single save and die, resulting in much frustration and swearing. Gary and Jake decide to stick around for a while.

Manly Marines Turn 2: Ermee & crew sit around on the ship drinking hot chocolate and wondering if they should go help with the battle. Commander Dhameon Decides to go deal with the Kommandos and Captain Hammer and the others head towards the Lootas. Sergeant Manly heads forward and gets ready to assault the Tankbustas. In the shooting phase Manly guns down two of the Tankbustas and Big F-ing Rock #1 tries to shoot the approaching Boyz, but it is out of range. No one else shoots. In the assault phase Commander Dhameon charges the Kommandos, Manly charges the Tankbustas, and Captain Hammer charges the Lootas with Mitch & friends. Manly kills two Tankbustas, but loses his CC arm in the process. He then chases down and kills the Orks and consolidates 5 inches towards the center of the board. Dhameon kills a single Kommando, Gary kills two more. Snikrot manages to wound Gary and several Kommandos beat Jake to death. Snikrot's squad does not run. Mitch & friends kill 6 Lootas, the Lootas kill Frank then try to run and get swept. Mitch & friends consolidate 3 inches toward the rest of the Ork army.

Ork Turn 3: Another 30-Boy mob starts heading towards the Marines in the corner. The Warboss and squad continue their march toward the corner. The third 30-Boy mob moves into assault range of Sergeant Manly, as does one of the Kans. In the shooting phase, the Kan attempts to shoot at Manly, but I point out that S6 will not damage his front armor 13. A 30-Boy mob fires at Mitch & friends, killing Kyle and wounding Captain Hammer again. As a result, said mob fails to reach Mitch & friends in the assault phase. The 30-Boy mob on the other end of the board charges Sergeant Manly, as does the Kan. Manly headbutts the Kans CC arm off and kills an Ork. The power klaw fails to damage Manly, and two more Orks die from Fearless wounds. Dhameon and Gary decide to stop screwing around and kill most of the remaining Kommandos. Those that survive are killed by Dhameon as they try to run.

Manly Marines Turn 3: Ermee & crew continue to discuss whether they should go to the battle or not. Gary and Dhameon both join up with Mitch & friends, preparing for and epic assault. In the shooting phase they fire upon the 30-Boy mob without the Warboss and manage to kill an Ork. Big F-ing Rock #1 kills 2 Orks out of the mob with the Warboss. In the assault phase, Mitch & friends (along with Captain Hammer, Commander Dhameon, and Chapter Master Gary, a total of 8 models) assault both Ork mobs, which now total a mere 58 Orks. I finally decide to use Living Legend. Gary, Fightmaster, Rick, Harry, and Fred die in the assault, but the combined attacks of the 8 marines kill 22 Orks, leaving the Ork mobs to each take 17 Fearless wounds. In the end, 49 of the 58 Orks die in a single assault phase. Manly and the Nob continue to flail away at each other.

Orks Turn 4: The Nobz jump out of the Trukk and rush over to help the Warboss. Nothing happens in the shooting phase. In the assault phase the Nobz charge Commander Dhameon, who is fighting the remnants of the Warboss's squad. Dhameon wounds the Warboss and kills the remaining Boyz, but the sheer number of attacks from the Nobz brings him down (he fulfilled his oath, having killed 13 Orks!). Mitch is killed by the other Boyz mob, but Captain Hammer kills the remaining Orks and consolidates towards the Warboss. Again Manly and the Nob flail away at eachother, nothing meaningful happens.

Manly Marines Turn 4: Ermee & crew arrive on the scene, finding a lot of dead Orks and only Captain Hammer and Sergeant Manly still standing for the Marines. Ermee tries to shoot down a nearby Killa Kan, but to no avail. Big F-ing Rock #1 hits and wounds several Nobz, but Cybork and FNP saves them. In the assault phase Captain Hammer charges the Warboss, and they both die. Manly, no longer considering the PK a threat (seriously, the only damage results thus far were Crew Shaken), procedes to headbutt the Kan, in the hopes that he can later sweep the Orks. He shakes it.

Orks Turn 5: The Nobz start heading towards Ermee & crew, as does the free Kan. The Trukk fires and the squad and finally hits something, but I save it. The Kan did something highly illegal, now that I think about it, but you'll notice that in a second. The Kan shoots at the Big F-ing Rock, hitting one of the Marines in the process. No damage to either. The Nobz use the Waaagh! and roll a 1, but FNP saves the wound. The Nobz and Kan both charge Ermee & crew. Ermee tries to glance the Kan at least a bit, but it doesn't work. The Nobz only take 3 wounds. Sergeants Power and Steel die. Manly finally kills the other Kan.

Manly Marines Turn 5: Big F-ing Rock #3 fires on the Trukk but does nothing. Ermee & crew inflict 2 more wounds on the Nobz, but Ermee goes down in the process. Manly beats down another couple Orks, but he still has a long way to go to wipe the squad. We roll to see if the game continues. It does.

Orks Turn 6: The Trukk backs out of range of the Rocks. Another Nob dies, but so does Sergeant Jim. Manly kills a few more Orks, bringing the squad down to 14.

Manly Marines Turn 6: Sergeant Stan hits and glances the Kan with a Melta Bomb, but only manages to shake it. The Nobz take him down. Manly hits, wounds, and kills 4 Orks, and the Boyz fail their leadership. Sadly the bosspole pays off, and the Nob gets them back in line. We roll to see if the game continues. It does not.

Kill Points Taken: Orks - 7 Manly Marines - 8

Manly Marines win!

Archon Charybdis
01-24-2011, 11:51 AM
Very nice. Scott, that dick, sounds like he didn't contribute much unfortunately.

01-24-2011, 06:18 PM
hmmm, I wouldn't call that a win for Manly marines---- 8/15 total generated kill points isn't so great! But I do have to admit, killing 49 orks in one giant combat was pretty manly.

01-24-2011, 08:14 PM
Well I didn't get tabled, Manly himself survived (which is pretty rare, people like to kill him), and I technically won by the objectives of the game, so I'll take what I can get. :D

Also all of my characters managed to fulfill their oaths, which is a first for Commander Dhameon. He usually only kills 7 or 8 models.

Archon Charybdis
01-24-2011, 10:35 PM
Well, given that the Manly Marines are designed for manliness above combat effectiveness, I'd count it as a win.

01-25-2011, 05:11 PM
Having a hard time imagining what those terminators would look like...

Don't want to GUESS what the Dread looks like!)

But sounds like fun was had by all! Great report! ;)

01-27-2011, 01:00 AM
The Terminators are going to be just like the regular Marines, except they have Terminator legs instead of PA Marine legs. The Dreadnought is going to be a standard Dreadnought with the sarcophagus cover left off and a Catachan torso and head placed inside.

01-27-2011, 07:29 AM
Sam, if I was the boss of GW I would put you in charge of the next space marine codex cause the manly marines are just downright awesome!!!:D
Needs to be an official chapter (when Space Sharks can, so can Manly Marines!)