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08-31-2009, 03:24 PM
Yesterday was an odd one. I went to my friends house to play a game of 40k, and another friend of ours also showed up. We decided we would play a 1v1v1 1000 point free for all elimination battle. I ran tyranids, and they ran Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. The theme was a battered city, which was made by using our city pieces then randomly dropping Jenga blocks to provide rubble.


Broodlord w/ 10 genestealers (increased strength on Broodlord and stealers)
Mindblast walking Tyrant (2 Scything Talons) and 3 guards
14 hormies (increased WS,I,Strenth)
2 fexs (each with 2 pairs of Scything Talons, increased Toughness and a mace tail)

Space Mairines (not exact)

Librarian Tiberius
Squad of 7 Sternguard w/ 2 heavy flamers
Squad of 5 (maybe Sternguard, maybe vanguard). All 5 members had plasma guns
Squad of 10 Marines w/plasma cannon and a flamer
Squad of 10 Marines w/ plasma cannon and melta

Chaos Space Marines (not exact)

Terminator lord w/ 4 terminators (heavy flamer, 2 pair of lightning claws, chainfist, mark of slannesh)
5 Termies (heavy flamer, 3 pairs of lightning claws, chainfist, mark of slannesh)
7 Plague Marines
7 Havocs, 4 with heavy bolters
3 Oblideraters

And, yes, we allowed him to only play with one troop squad. I planed on playing with only 1 troop squad but I knew I wanted2 squads that were not monstrous creatures.

Turn 1: Space Marines Seize Initiative, followed by Tyranids, followed by Chaos Space Marines.

Space Marines deploy in a corner, nids in the opposite one, and CSM in the corner closest to Marines.

Space Marines: All squads open fire on the Havocs, the Plague Marines are behind them. Plasma cannons kill 3 Plague Marines and 2 Havocs, Librarian casts Null Zone to help. Both Sternguard squads move up but stay in cover. Bolter rounds fail.

Tyranids: Infiltrating Broodlord with genestealers run and move 12 inches, staying hidden from Sternguard and Havoc squads. Gaunts move up behind Tyrant. Monstrous Creatures move up. Mindblast misses.

Chaos: Oblideraters fire plasma cannons at the Tyrant, wounding all 3 guards. Havocs kill 3 Marines. Plague marines and the lord w/ termie move up. Terminators nearest the Tyranids move backwards to buy time.

Turn 2:

Space Marines: Librarian teleports squad 12 inches, lands directly. Sternguard squads move up, one near the genstealers and one near the plague marines. Plasma shots only take out 1 plague marine. Librarian casts Vortex of Doom and kills 3 Havocs and 2 of the Lord Terminators.

Tyranids: Genestealers assault Sternguard squad and kill 5 of them, 1 genestealer dies. All other units move up. Hive Tyrant fails his psychic test for Mind Blast.

Chaos: Oblideraters kill 2 Tyrant guards and wound the Hive Tyrant. Chaos Lord and 2 Terminators charge the Librarian and his 7 marines. They kill 5 marines, but are killed by the powerfist sergeant and the Librarian. Havocs kill 1 plasma sternguard. The other Terminator squad hides.

Turn 3:

Space Marines: Sternguard squad gets defeated by the Genestealer squad. A squad of 10 Space Marines run away from the Genestealers. Librarian kills 2 havocs (1 left), but fails a Vortex of Doom psychic test, killing himself and 1 marines.

Play Suspended. To be resumed today