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09-01-2009, 06:19 AM
Hi all, ive been steadily collecting my IG force but havent had a chance to play (its still boxed) because i have some important exams to get though at the moment.

ive studied IG army list threads over the period of a year and was hoping for some constuctive criticism on a list of my own before i make mine, choosing which weapons to add to each squad

Company command
bolt gun, medic, 3 plasma guns, astropath (for setinel and possibly valk)
chimera (multi laser and h.h.flamer)

4 ratlings

AC - bolt pistol, vox, grenade l, 2 flamer
A1 - bolt pistol, vox, grenade l
A2 - bolt pistol, vox, grenade l
AH - 3 autocannon
AH - 3 lascannon

10 Veterans - vox, stonetooth, heavy bolter, 3 grenade launcher ( i inserted the bolter because it would increase the damage done by the unit greatly, especially if they use infiltrate to get into a nic pos. before the game and dont need to move.)

10 Veterans - bolt pistol, vox, 3 melta, grenadiers (in valk)

Valkyrie - multiple rocket pod (was thinking about vendetta with missiles, as it would be shooting vulnerable troops on the turn it unloads, and then be shooting twin - las at tanks later)

scout sentinel - h.k. missile, autocannon

leman russ


camo (was hesitent about this as the opponent would most likely have many other targets to shoot but having a 3+ save in ruins makes it pretty invunerable)

was originally thinking about fielding more snipers but they dont seem to do much compared to the grenade or flamer. Oh, and the b.pistols are staying. i feel as if the sarg should have a BETTER gun than his troopers, not worse.

~ Silver

09-01-2009, 06:30 AM
Alright, if you want the bolters, then I have a few suggestions. The Griffin should lose the camo. You have so many other units to spend the points on, and as you say, it's not likely to get shot at with a couple of Russes and a Valk running around.

Also, the Harker squad is better off with sniper rifles and an autocannon. You're not terribly likely to get much of anything with a grenade launcher, and besides, if a transport gets within range of one, you're likely in a lot of trouble anyway. Snipers allow you to pin enemy infantry, and the autocannon gives you more anti-infantry and can still bust a transport pretty far out. Also, if you can find the points, give them Camocloaks. hide that unit in cover near and objective and watch the enemy have fits trying to remove it.

I'm also wondering why your russes have no sponsons. Is there a reason? At the very least, I'd give the Standard Russ a LasCannon and have it focus on busting transports and tanks, while the Demolisher gives you some good firepower versus hard squads.

Overall though, not bad. Might drop the ratlings to use the points for other units though, they seem kinda tacked on.

09-01-2009, 06:52 AM
If I took Harker, I'd have a purely anti-Infantry squad of a second HBolter and Plasma guns.

The Griffon shouldn't be firing directly, so Camo is pointless expense, IMO.

I'm not sold on the viability of a lonely Sentinel - more likely than not it'll bite an Autocannon round and die. Dropping it and Camo can pretty much net you another AC HWS - a lot more powerful.

Only one Chimera will see it get easily destroyed to deny mobility - my Eldar would shoot it as soon as the Demolisher was neutralised to deny your chances of contesting far objectives, with the Vendetta next.

I also think that, while I quite like Lascannons, Autocannons are more cost effective in HWS, to the point where you should replace them. Of course, using Las partly for modelling purposes, ie, going to convert a Rifleman Dread from the ACs, makes it entirely acceptable. I'd also suggest hull-Las, even at BS3.

09-02-2009, 06:27 AM
hi, thanks for the comments.

i chose the grenade launchers over snipers because i didnt think snipers did much. the chance of hitting and wounding as well as taking into account the opponents armour save and leadership didnt look too hopeful. the GL proved a high strength as well as move/fire weapon. will try out both, however. also will go for autocannon instead of the h.bolter but am split because i wont really be targeting a transport with this squad if only 2 shots are going to hurt it
hark's abilites give stealth to the unit he's in, like camo cloaks

my previous armies were dark eldar and nids so i dont like a static force, preferring to move and fire. thats my reason for the russes.
hmm, ok. with the extra points i'll use the hull lascannon

and yes i will drop the ratlings if i start to use the snipers in the vet squad


ok ,i shall drop the camo on the griffon

the sentinel i can keep pretty safe, especially if it comes on 2 or 3rd turn and the enemy is worried about the tanks
i am kinda using it as a one shot rear armour anti tank though

hmm, ok, i might add another chimera or take it out.

the las heavy weapon squad was for anti tank. i dont really have much that can confidently take out high armour tanks, other than the vet squad which seems a bit fragile.

09-02-2009, 06:34 AM
EDIT: Never mind, I'm wrong. Forget that camo cloaks option.

09-02-2009, 07:09 AM
I recommend throwing the Vet squad at the enemy's face to destroy tanks. But that does end in Glorious Death in the Name of the Emperor.

09-02-2009, 07:34 AM
I would drop those Ratlings and spend points on wargear, 4 little guys with sniper rifles won't do a lot.

The solo Chimera is also going to get hammered, you need target saturation instead of giving target prority.

I agree with others on the lone Sentinel, it will get popped. Either take two or I would drop it.

I would take the Vendetta for reasons you said - worth the extra points :)

I would take two Demolishers instead of one. The vanilla Russ is a mild threat, but the Demolisher wrecks the place. I would gun for that and pop it, adding two makes target prority harder and you still have one to do the job.

The Griffon doesn't need camo nets as Elessar said as it should really be firing indirectly and would be placed at the back of the board out of LOS.

09-02-2009, 08:38 AM
The heavy weapons teams are a waste of points IMO. At least the Autocannon ones can be merged in your infantry squads, giving them survivalbility. The HWT, excluding the mortar teams are incredibly fragile, (one autocannon shot can force a LD 7 check) and in most cases they will be within 4d6" of the table edge. Use those points to buy more infantry squads and add commissar.

Vendetta is important as you do not have any reliable long range anti tank.

09-03-2009, 01:02 AM
hi, thanks for the suggestions!!

i think the vets will try to destroy a less prominent tank, thereby removing a threat as well as being less vulnerable. could also be used to spearhead a flank of my own. if no other option, i agree, DEATH IN THE EMPERORS NAME!!!

i agree that the chimera will get smashed, but how else can i keep the CCS where i want it??? could i give them camo cloaks and use them as a counter-spacemarine assault squad unit??

the 2 demolisheres will deal a lot of hurt but i dont think i have enough long range support.

ok, i will take out the sentinel, the ratlings and camo for the griffon

im not too sure on the commisar, however. if the enemy comes close i dont hink i want my infantry sticking around, especially when i can instantly rally them (order), and the commissar will do that. should i merge the autocannon HWS with the squads?
the lascannon squad i feel can be useful due to lack of anti tank.

thanks again

09-03-2009, 06:52 AM
Don't ever rely on Ld7 guys passing Orders, lol. They're a gimmick, not a strategy. :)

09-03-2009, 07:28 AM
hmm, i suppose so, but letting a cc squad hop between squads every second turn would be devestating. i might add a company standard if you guys agree.

the commisar seems to only affect one squad, whereas the standard has a radius, thats why im considering

~ Silver

09-03-2009, 07:31 AM
Lord Commissars have a radius too...

09-03-2009, 07:36 AM
Have to agree that the Demo needs sponsons (I'd go with plasma cannons), otherwise you're wasting the Lumbering behemoth rule.

Camo should not needed on the Griffin -- plus it increases the cost of the model by 40%. (pays for the points of the sponsons on the Demo :) )

09-03-2009, 07:40 AM
I disagree with no-Sponsons wasting LB rule... I see it the other way around, tbh. You can now have the mobility a Predator can only dream of, there's no reason not to move 6" a turn, firing both weapons...