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03-29-2011, 11:26 PM
Hello, everyone. This is my first battle report (despite having played for quite some time) so bear with me. It's due to a request after someone saw my Logicians as Black Templars army list. I apologize that I cannot point out the Tyranid force, because I don't have the codex, but I remember the Wargear, so I will write it down.

Also I brought my camera and totally forgot to take pictures, so you'll have to rely on my textual information. I hope it is vivid and you have imaginations.

The game was 2,000 points. Here are the lists:

140 Hunter-Killer Servitor (Emperor's Champion) with Enhanced Targeting (Accept any Challenge)

136 Commander Aristen (Marshal with Storm Shield, Power Weapon, Bionics and Artificer Armor, Frag Grenades)

140 Venerated Brother Anhilus (Venerable Dreadnought with Assault Cannon, Furious Charge, Extra Armor)
205 Blessed Brother Atrophos (Techmarine with Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Servo Harness, Bionics, Terminator Honors, Adamantine Mantle)
295 Dedicated Land Raider Crusader Omnissiah's Will with Blessed Hull, Dozer Blade

170 Blessed Brother Arcturus (Techmarine with Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Servo Harness, Bionics, Terminator Honors)

195 10x Wards of the Machine with a melta gun and servo-fist. (10x Initiates with Meltagun, power fist, frags)

86 5x Wards of the Machine with a plasma gun (5x initiates with plasma gun)

185 Predator Annihilator Divinity of Sollex with Sponson Lascannons, Extra Armor, Dozer Blade, Power of the Machine Spirit

185 Predator Annihilator Illuminating Reason with Sponson Lascannons, Extra Armor, Dozer Blade, Power of the Machine Spirit

260 Land Raider Omnissiah's Rock with Extra Armor, Dozer Blade

Tyranid Prime with 2x Boneswords, 2x Scything Talons

Trygon Prime

2x Zoanthropes

2x Lictors


10x Warriors with Scything Talons and Deathspitters

15x Termagaunts

15x Termagaunts

10x Genestealers


2x Carnifex Brood with Scything Talons, Bio-Plasma

The game was Capture and Control with Pitched Battle. Terrain was three large ruins in the middle-ground with no windows on the ground floor, and some rocks and trees as area terrain in the deployment zones.
Logicians deployed first in a tank phalanx, with the two land raiders in front, the dreadnought in between behind the sponsons (which were almost touching) and the predators behind. The Techmarines, Emperor's Champion, larger squad of Initiates, and Marshal all deployed in the Land Raider Crusader, the other five man squad in the Land Raider Godhammer.

The Tyranids put their objective behind the ruin to the Logician right and a Termagaunt squad to cover it. The Mawloc started on the Logician left, the Trygon Prime on the Logician right, both behind ruins. The carnifexes deployed in the open corridor between the ruins on the Logician left, in front of Genestealers and Zoanthropes. The Warriors and last Termagaunt squad deployed behind the middle building with the Venomthrope.

The Tyranids seized the initiative!

Turn 1:
The Tyranids moved up on both flanks 6". The Carnifexes ran towards the tank phalanx but didn't get anywhere quickly. The Warriors and Termagants stayed put with the Venomthrope, and the 'stealers and 'thropes moved behind the 'Fexes. The Mawloc and Trygon Prime both moved up behind their respective buildings.

The Logician phalanx broke. The Omnissiah's Will gunned right around the central building, and put two wounds on the Trygon Prime with an assault cannon after moving 12". The Omnissiah's Rock pivoted and moved 6", while the Predators pivoted. The dreadnought moved up, but only 3" to remove itself from the line of fire. The Divinity of Sollex and Illuminating Reason promptly vaporized a carnifex in a bright flash of lascannon fire, while the Omnissiah's Rock put a wound on the remaining carnifex with a lascannon blast. Venerable Brother Anhilus was out of range.

The Lictors arrived behind the Divinity of Sollex. The Zoanthropes moved to within range of the Omnissiah's Rock and the remaining carnifex limped forwards as well. The 'stealers ran back towards the warriors, fearful for them as the Omnissiah's Will bore down on them. The Mawloc lurked, and the Trygon Prime moved slowly after the Omnissiah's Will but was far away still. The Zoanthropes passed both of their psychic tests, then rolled snakeyes to hit the Omnissiah's Rock with warp lance. D'oh!

Suprised but not ultimately alarmed, Venerable Brother Anhilus turned his metal body around to face the Lictors and advanced, spattering one in a hail of assault-cannon fire and smashing the other one with a blow from his mighty power fist. The Divinity of Sollex and Illuminating Reason dropped the last Zoanthrope with repeated lascannon blasts. The Omnissiah's Rock moved 6" again, crushing a Carnifex undertread who was only able to shake the indomitable vehicle. The Omnissiah's Will got within 8" of the Tyranid Warriors, and all hell broke loose.

*insert lots of dice rolling for assault phase*

After the dust had settled, four Wards remained standing bespattered with blood, alongside the majestic, towering forms of the Blessed Ones. Blessed Brother Atrophos had suffered, however, with a huge gash through his cybernetic torso. It was of no consequence. Unfortunately, the Hunter-Killer servitor had been smashed to bits by the Tyranid Prime even as it died, and the Commander was wounded but defiant. They had hacked down the enemy as they refused to yield. (No Retreat! combined with insta-killing 6 warriors, the venomthrope, and killing some assorted termagaunts killed the rest.)


The 'stealers approached the site of the fierce combat from last turn, a hungry look in their eyes. The Omnissiah's Will was suprised by a Trygon (with fleet, unexpectedly) which ripped the poor vehicle to shreads in seconds. In the Assault Phase, the 'stealers moved to punch people after fleet. The response was sputtering, and combat was tied, with every Marine dead except the Blessed Ones and Commander Aristen, who suffered a further wound. The Mawloc burrowed.

The destruction of the Omnissiah's Will had galvanized the Blessed Ones, who fought with Commander Aristen alone against the remaining gene-stealers. The rest of the Wards had fallen long ago. Fortunately, through the blessings of the Omnissiah (bionics) and the Emperor (good dice rolls), the trio were able to rout the 'stealers off of the board. A measure of vengeance for the Omnissiah's Will was attained when the Divinity of Sollex and Illuminating Reason blasted the Trygon off of the board. The Omnissiah's Rock bulldozed through a ruin and onto the Tyranid objective.

It was at this point that the Tyranid player conceeded. He did not believe that with a Mawloc and 15 Termagaunts he could hold off two Land Raiders.


It was a weird game. The combat power of Techmarines was clearly illustrated; with four thunder-hammer and two servo-arm attacks on the charge, each techmarine is a nasty thing. Rerolling to hit made them somewhat over-the-top. Also, Warriors hate Str 8 weapons, and No Retreat! is ridiculous when there's a bunch of insta-killed multiwound models.

The utility of lascannons was also made clear to me (again) thanks to the rapid destruction of what-ever unfortunate creature the Annihilators turned their guns on.

Comments would be appreciated. Again, sorry about being unable to point-out the 'nids. What upgrades they had rarely came up, and I don't know the points costs of the ones that did.

Any questions?