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05-11-2011, 04:37 PM
So I am really hoping that Forgeworld cover the Dogs of War army with the Warhammer Forge range. I think it plays right into their hands as the odd units can be used by almost any army, and once you have a few you now have a new army altogether that blends with your old one. Also, I just loved the characterful light hearted background that the old book was done in (except the general italian sterotypes, some were quite OTT). I would liek to see the characters and units a few years on, more developed and with a bit more history.

Imagine Asarnil on Deathfang, but Forgeworld massive sized great Dragon version. That almost any army can use (sorry Brettonians and Chaos).

Also, Renaissance-esque full plate armour suits that could be the basis of Braganza's Beseigers or Riccos Republican Guard. Or even Volands Venetors. Maybe even foot knights and paymasters halberdier bodyguard.

Golgfags Ogres. Because Forgeworld make awesome Ogres.

Beorg bearstruck, more transformed and on a bigger monstrous sized base. Maybe the bearmen are a separate unit, or one that Beorg is the centerpiece of. Maybe they are still a unit of chainmailed marauders adding variety and modeling options to chaos players.

What regiments of the renown would you most like to see resurrected and reincarnated by the masters of beautiful sculpts? What new regiments would you add?

05-12-2011, 10:45 AM
I really loved the DoW and often included several in my Empie army, but I'm not sure they will ever make a comeback, at least not in the way they were. I'm not sure their fairly humourous nature fits with the new darker fantasy and they lacked a real identity. They were a mismash of races and were often used to plug the 'skills gap' in other armies. I don't think GW wants this any more, given that the last time they were given an update was Ravening Hordes. I admit that this is the sort of thing Warhammer Forge might take on, but the track record of FW is making units for existing armies not new ones. (That said I can see them doing Chaos Dwarves). I think the DoW may see the light of day, but as add ons for exisitng armies, for example Tilean Crossbowmen for the Empire, Long Drong's Pirates for Dwarves etc.