View Full Version : Lamenters 1500 point list

09-02-2009, 10:26 AM
Captain Lazarus (Khan) 160

Terminator Assault Squad w/3x lightning claws/2x thunder hammers 200
Land Raider Crusader w/multi-melta/extra armour 275

Tactical Squad w/powerfist/flamer/missile launcher 195
Razorback w/heavy bolter 40

Tactical Squad w/power weapon/meltagun/missile launcher 190
Razorback w/heavy bolter 40

Tactical Squad w/powerfist/meltagun/multi-melta 200
Drop Pod 35

Vindicator 115

Land Speeder w/multi-melta 50

1500 point

The fluff for my army is that they are the Lamenters 5th company charged with the mission to hunt down traitor marines from the badab war, especially Lamenters who followed the Astral Claws to chaos. This makes Khan a perfect special character for my force. He'll join the terminators in the land raider because he then gives the whole unit (including himself) hit and run and furious charge. The tactical squads can use the outflanking rule, which is Khan's chapter tactic, to come on either table edge while the land speeder picks off tanks. The vindicator is for added punch and anti-horde. The melta squad in the drop pod is to cause some pressure first turn or to land on an objective.

I was wondering if anyone could give some imput on whether this is a good list and on the tactics?