View Full Version : UK WFB No.1 Russ Veal talks about his Hordes/Warmachine experiences

05-27-2011, 01:18 PM
In the second in our irregular series of articles, cerebros has a quick chat with UK Warhammer rankings frontrunner Russ Veal about his experiences with Hordes / Warmachine while he was waiting for new Warhammer army books to arrive

You can find the interview here (http://wargames.cerebros.net/articles.php?article_title=Hordes-/-Warmachine-Interlude---An-Interview-with-Russ-Veal). You can also still check out our first article, an interview with Steve Wren, organiser of Warhammer Achievements, here (http://wargames.cerebros.net/articles.php?article_title=Warhammer-Achievements-2011-An-interview-with-Steve-Wren)