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06-12-2011, 09:17 AM
My WoC army is taking shape,aiming at 2500pts.

So far I have

20 warriors, shields full command, mark of tzeentch, blasted standard 410pts
20 marauders, h/w+shield+lt armour, full command, tzeentch mark 160pts

lord on foot - tzeentch mark, very killy 320pts ( inc upgrades )
2x level 2 tzeentch sorcerers 270 "
hero + tzeentch mark+battle standard 180 "

5 chaos knights+musician 210
4 chaos trolls+ king throgg ( converted, so staying in) 180+175
hellcannon ( again converted, so keeping in ) 205

2 boxes unmade warriors, 2 boxes unmade marauders, 800 pts spare
can get anything else within reason

So the question is what to make from these boxes?

I'm thinking of 2 squads of 10 khorne warriors, extra h/w, no command, as flankers, 320 pts
2 more blocks of marauders 320pts
then maybe some marauder horsemen, a squad of around 10 for remaining points.

Suggestions/advice please?

06-12-2011, 11:02 AM
Marauder blocks should be larger than 20 guys typically. They are cheap enough to go with horde formations and do pretty well at that too.

Khorne Warriors are great in combat, just be careful of people trying to lead them around the board with fast cavalry. It's not as easy as it used to be but it's still possible.

I'd suggest bulking up your marauders by another 20 bodies, adding another unit of warriors (any mark realistically), and then some marauder horsemen if you can fit them in.

06-12-2011, 11:11 AM
For Marauders, if you can, give them mark of khorne and either flails or great weapons and they will certainly do well. Maybe put them in one big block rather than two smaller ones.
Khorne warriors are hard as nails in combat and will do well but die quite quickly to shooting, especially if they are in a small number.
Be warned the knights can be vulnerable without a ward save.

06-12-2011, 01:45 PM
I'm a die-hard fan of Khorne Warriors, either with AHW or Halberd/Shield. I know a lot of WoC players are big-time Tzeentch fans, but I always argue that there are a lot of spells that make it easier to wound in the game...not many that we can access to add Attacks. So, maximize your attacks with the MoK (the ItP is a bonus) at all times. I completely tabled my Tzeentch WoC opponent in the final game at the Ardboyz Semis and have honestly only lost 1 game in the last 7 tournaments I've played (I'm just trying to justify Khorne vs Tzeentch..not my ability :D)..so go Khorne or go home..

18 or 21 Khorne AHW warriors at 3x6 or 3x7 puts out a lot of attacks. Give them the Razor Standard for additional impact if you want. Or, you can sacrifice 1 Attack per and go with Hal/Shield if you want the added strength. Personally, I run one unit of each in all of my lists.

The Marauders work much better in big units..I usually run 50 or 60 w GWs and MoK.

You don't need flankers with WoC armies very often. If you put out enough attacks/wounds, you'll be winning the CR contest anyway and Flankers don't cancel Steadfast..so they're really not needed. WoC Warriors are usually too slow to get in a flanking position anyway.

My 2 cents.

06-14-2011, 11:21 AM
Yeah, definitely bump the unit of marauders up to 40. Turn the spare twelve into a unit of flankers with either flails or great weapons. No survivability, but if they can get the charge on something with heavy armour, they can be a surprise, and your not wasting points.

Also, with a small throwaway unit, you can position them ahead, and at an angle when they finish there move, so that you are using them to win a flank charge from one of your other units. I would probably take a command group with them too. You can also use the unit to screen or protect independent spell-casters too. Or, you can put an extra hero in their tiny unit. They may be very ignored (especially next to the massive units and knights and the like) which is a nice surprise when dave, the champion of khorne and his great axe cleaves some ironbreakers/knights/whatever in twain.

Marauder horse are amazing at flanking. If you can master it, Chaos Hounds are very good too to get the flank whilst something else has the front for serious overkill. Teamwork is the way forward. (Chaos hounds dont stand up too well on thier own, but they work well to get the flanks).

As for the spare warriors. I would convert them into chosen or the ones with a random number of attacks for fun. Mostly because I like converting a modelling so much. You can always run them as basic warriors with a mark of someone if you dont go too far, and if you go too far... well you got more value for fun out of the models than you were expecting!