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09-03-2009, 02:32 PM
This is a list I've been trying out lately, was wondering if you could provide some suggestions.

Librarian - 100
Librarian - 100
Tactical Squad 1
Melta, ML
Sgt. with power fist - 195
Tactical Squad 2
Melta, ML
Sgt. with powerfist - 195
Tactical Squad 3 with razorback (heavy bolters)
ML, flamer
sgt with power weapon - 225
Scout Squad (5 man)
Sniper Rifles - 75
Sternguard (10) with Rhino
Sgt. with power fist - 310
2 land speeders
2 heavy flamers, 2 multi meltas - 140
Land Raider Crusader
with multi melta - 260
Land Raider 250
Total Cost: 1850

The Librarians both generally take Null Zone and Force Dome, occasionally Vortex of Doom. Tact Squads 1 and 2 ride in the LRs, along with the Librarians for support.

09-03-2009, 03:49 PM
It seems your focusing on Assault in this army, do you find that your Tac Squads have enough of a punch to make them worth while? I realize your putting the librarians in there which I am sure helps. Just curious, I am not overly familiar with Librarians and their use since most of my friends don't use them. Why aren't the sternguard in a LR and one of the tac on a Rhino? Just curious, but I would think that that hard hitting squad you would want to get forward and survive longer.

All in all, it looks like a good army list. I tend to put my overarching tactic when I post lists. I like to tell people what I had in mind with each unit. i.e. your land speeders are planning on armor hunting right off the bat and moving on to infantry if they are still alive. This helps people see what you have in mind for your army and allow more constructive criticism.

09-04-2009, 12:15 PM
A few combi-weapons on the sternguard might be a good idea and it seems a bit underwhelming to stump up the points for 2 land raiders and then fill them both with just tacticals, I dunno somehow this list seems to lack punch. Those 2 librarians, tac squads and land raiders seem like a huge expenditure of points for a force that isn't hugely scary....

But as Bill says, if we had an idea of how you plan to use this list, then method to your madness may become apparent;)

09-04-2009, 01:06 PM
Good to see an Ultramarine player like myself. Your list looks like you fight IG or another forde army with all the flamers? I have yet to really experement with the sternguard, I see that everyone raves about them but they still seem expensive for my tastes. I have found great success with the assault terminators combined with a terminator librarian for infinity gate. I can now effectively threaten anything I want on the board and flush out troops camped on objectives. Anyhow my suggestions for an assaulty army would be:

1. Make the hammer of your army hard and scarey. Marines are good but they don't own. You would be better served with one 10 man squad of assault terminators combat teamed and both lead by the librarians in Terminator Armor. Give them infinity gate and whatever else you want, use the Land Raiders to deliver the payload then they can run rampant and you can just portal all over the place.

2. Put your marines in rhino's and use them to rush objectives and hunker down. ML are ok, Plasma cannons work well also for the extra 5 pts and the multi-melta is great when you are holding down objectives by keeping pesky walkers away..

3. Decide what you want those speeders to do, either popping armor or attacking infantry. I would suggest running a squadron with Multi-Melta or all with Heavy Flamer when you decide, just deepstrike them as a nasty suprise.

4. Drop that 3rd squad of marines and the Razorback and the scouts to free up points.

5. Either Drop the Sternguard for points or put them in a Drop pod and give your opponent something to worry about on turn 1.

I know I didn't take points into account these are just some suggestions for adding punch to your list. Also if you want to use more marines, you can always take assault marines and remove the jump packs and get a free rhino. Works out cheaper than a regular tac squad and makes them CC, they use Fast Attack though so you will need other troop options to do compulsitory.

09-04-2009, 08:03 PM
If you don't want to make as many changes to your list as VinceBlack mentioned, then I would recommend trading one tactical squad for a 5 man Terminator assault squad, and putting the sternguard in the land raider. Thanks to Combat Squads, Marines can get away with only 2 troop choices if you're careful.

Both Tac squads would have Rhino's then, and your land raiders could deliver a pair of good hammer units. For this, I'd recommend a few combi-flamers in the Sternguard squad. As a Grey Knight player, I can tell you tankshocking then flaming the unit with multiple templates is devestating.

List would look like this
2x Librarian
2x 10 Tacticals Melta ML Sarge w/ PF
5 Scouts
10 Sternguard Sarge w/ PF
5 Assault Terminators (2-3 THSS, rest with lightning claws)
2x Land Speeders MM HF
LR Crusader

Comes out to 1845. I'd scrounge up a few points for some combi flamers on the sternguard. 3-4 should do