View Full Version : 1250pts Guard "sneakey" list

09-06-2009, 09:40 PM
just a thought running through my head at the moment. think 'Be vewy vewy quiet' and you'll have the right idea
Company Command - 145
Commander - power weapon
Lascannon team
Camo Cloaks

Vets - 115 (x2)
3 sniper rifles
Forward Scouts

Infantry Platoon
Platoon CS - 185
3 meltaguns
Chimera- heavy flamer

Infantry Squad - 115 (x2)
Chimera- heavy flamer

Fast Attack
Scout Sentinel Squad - 125
2 autocannons, 1 missle launcher

Heavy Support
Leman Russ BT - 185
hull lascannon, sponsor Heavy Bolters

Griffon - 75 (x2)

essentially the vets & CCS would deploy in cover as to near each other as possible but w/ good fields of fire. w/ the camo cloaks most of the time they'll have a 3+ cover save. the griffons would set up behind out of sight. if i wasn't outflanking the sentinels, they'd be on one flank w/ the LRBT on the other. i'm not entirely sure about the armament for the IP, is 5 meltas overkill? am i putting all my eggs in one basket w/ this? please comment & tell me what you think of it.

09-08-2009, 08:51 AM
Well a russ doesn't sound very sneaky to me but I like this list, its the second Al'Rahem list that I've looked at today. I would say maybe drop the hull las cannon on the russ and replace it with a heavy bolter and I'm not a big fan of missile launchers but I guess it fits in ok on your sentinel.

09-08-2009, 09:28 AM
lol i was confused when you said "be vewy vewy quiet" then in the first unit you had a lascannon (all i thought n my head was KA-FREEEEEEEEEEEEEM!!!!

joking aside,

i'll echo RocketRollRebel with removing the Russ' lacannon and replacing it with a heavy bolter, on anti infantry Russ' like the executioner its good to keep a lascannon handy for anti-tank, but with the standard leman, you'd be silly not to opt for the battlecannon with its 2D6 pick the highest. keep the bolters for the anti-infantry. apart from that i can't really give any advice, i always run the shooty guard. movement is the baine of my existence.

09-08-2009, 12:48 PM
i guess what i meant by "sneaky" was all the camo/snipers. + having half my army appear at your side from prior sneaking/stalking. i guess i could add Marbo & model him like Snake from MGS. or make him a predator (traitor guard FTW)
i guess i just fall into the "Al'Rahem clone list''... but it made sense in my mind at the time, i guess everyone else sees it differently. any other possibilities for keeping with the "sneaky" idea w/o this & still being competitive?
ok, the Las on the Russ can (hopefully) be remodeled, the missile sentinel was there only b/c i had 5 points left, i guess I'll save it for my Mechwarrior inspired armoured sentinel (twin missiles awwww yeeeah!).