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Bub the zombie
09-05-2011, 09:21 PM
so i was just wondering what special units would be best in a 2000 point army, besides the swordmasters of hoeth. im planning on getting more spearmen so i should have a 10 wide 3 rank block of them. in conjunction i would also like to hear some of your guy's favorite lores for mages.

09-06-2011, 04:36 AM
Hey Bub! I'm extremely new to fantasy and table-tops in general but for the Helves, to my understanding your absolute best special unit is Phoenix Guard. You can field about 20 with full command for around 300ish points. They have Halberds so they get +1 str to their attacks, they are heavily armored, with shields, cause fear, and have a 4+ Ward Save, making their stay in battles almost certain to the very end.

It is the ultimate Anchor unit (or anvil depending on how you go about things) and they are the best at hiding your Lords and Mages in a block of them. From the batreps/lists I've seen most people who play competitively push their core to the minimum to pump more units into the phoenix guard. The next special unit that I've been encouraged to play by some, discouraged to play by others are 5 Dragon Princes and take them in Naked, because they already have Dragon Armor, with a 2+ armor save, and they are immune to flaming attacks, that being said, they are rather nasty from what I've seen, but are fielded at a very very high point cost. I think 5 = 400ish points @full command? I can't remember right off hand and a more seasoned player can tell you otherwise.

I don't know if you're wanting to play competitively, or just for the lulz; but White Lions of Chrace are very strong also, with the white lion banner making them stubborn, they have an extra resistance to ballitics, and the woodsman special ability, I really really like their models, but have yet to actually incorporate them into my army.

Another great support unit are the Chariots, The White Lion Chariot causes fear, has extremely strong attacks both with the driver/rider and the two lions, but costs 140 points. Its great for flank charges etc.
The Tiranoc Chariot has a movement of 9 is a little weaker than the Lion Chariot but only costs 80 points I believe?

Then you have the Great Eagles to march block, or be war machines worst nightmares, they also have the fly ability and can march 20" . I think they cost 50-70ish points (I can't remember). To be honest, I just don't like the model, I know that's a lame reason not to field them, but I have just started and don't play competitively.

That's about it for competitive special units, if you're just wanting to try out different units, the Silverhelms (which used to be core to my understanding) are neat, they have a 2+ armor save, and you can usually field almost 2:1 against Dragon Princes, but they are still very pricey.

Onto Magic (hopefully I'm helping xD) Depending on what you're going for, from every thing I've researched; Lore of Life, High magic, and the Lore shadows are the three most used High Elf lores that generals take. Usually if you take 2 lvl 2 mages you have one go with high magic for the drain magic to control the magic phase, and curse of arrow attraction to make your archers and bolt throwers more kill supportful, Lore of life for the ressurection spell + throne of vines and the flesh to stone abilities. (most use the saphery staff for 30 points so they can choose their spells rather than roll for them.) A lot of competitive players I've seen play their mages like this:

Lvl 4 Archmage, Book of Hoeth, Lore of Life @ 360 points

or a Lvl 2 Mage, Channel Staff + Iron Icon, High Magic @ 155
Lvl 2 Mage, Saphery Staff, Lore of Life @ 170ish points

Hope all this helped, and that I gave sound advice xD

Bub the zombie
09-06-2011, 09:56 AM
Yeah that helped a lot! i've used Phoenix guard in the past few games to hide my mage, although they didnt have shields and their stupid cloaks make it almost impossible to fit them together, and it has worked pretty well. i will definitely check into the lore of life because i have heard good things but i used lore of beasts and it worked well also.

so far ive mainly played against my friend who has skaven and ive been either outmaneuvered or his magic has killed way too many guys.

09-07-2011, 12:58 PM
personally i think the phoenix guard are over rated. ya they seem to be necessary to give those awesome mages some serious staying power in combat, they are quite squishy, as all HE with toughness 4. they arent invincible but they can hold their ground against most enemies. i think they are a unit that NEEDS to be properly supported on the flanks because you dont want your awesome mage to get eaten alive my some flanking beasts or calvary.

and on the spearman, id say go for 10x4 block that rank bonus will come in handy and if you give them the army standard along with the normal one. they will stay and slay!
the magic is tough to get around, as it has a lot to do with luck. dont be afraid to take more mages, you just cant beef them out in items then. but they are still very effective and give our magic more flexibility to be in more then one place at once!

09-09-2011, 09:45 AM
I think probably one of the scariest units in the game are the White Lions.

The main reason: They are strength 6! That means on T4 units you are wounding on 2s...oh and it negates Armor 4! You put them in Horde formation...you have 30 attacks at Str 6, ASF and reroll to hits? Nothing will want to get in combat with you from the front!

Sure they don't have the ward save the Phoenix Guard has....but they have more killing power than the Phoenix Guard.....and are every bit the equal of the Sword Masters.