View Full Version : Traitor Guard Ideas.

09-07-2009, 04:51 PM
I'm hoping to do a traitor guard army based on the Catachan models. I know Catachan aren't as popular as Cadians but I really like the Catachan Command Squad, pretty bad-*** for a bunch of guys in wifebeater t-shirts. :P

I've already thought about mixing in some bitz from the Marauder & Marauder Horsemen sprues from WFB but I'd love more ideas, themes, any inspiration people could provide.

Sil Dubh
09-07-2009, 06:02 PM
You could also use 3rd party bitz, like these "Toxic Guardsmen" heads from Maxmini:


Don't know how good these heads would look on Catachans though - they're probably better suited for Cadians.

Ulag Grimskar
09-08-2009, 05:43 AM
Well, Ive been toying around with the idea of making some kind of traitor-IG since the days of The Lost and the Damned, but as there are so many possibilities, I could never get myself to actually make one....

But well, depending on the kind of Regiment/Traitorforce/crazed-out Cult youre planning to to, Id recommend using
- a box of Fantasy Chaos Beastmen and maybe some demonic bitz for khornate Guards, maybe with minotaurish Ogryns, and a relative emphasis on close combat or close-quaters fighting. Oh, and no PBS of course ;)

-a box of Zombies and a box of Skeletons for nurgly guys, they would also blend in quite nicely with assorted Skaven bitz. Im thinking Plague Censer Bearers and Poison Wind Warriors (or whatever their english name is, the guys with the gas masks). Here the Toxic Warrior Heads would also fit, though might seem somewhat unfitting for Catachan bodies, as pointed out before.

-Khemri Skeleton bitz for their egyptian appearance could make some nice tzeentchian models, though Id personally use Tallarns to go with that.

-for smething slaaneshi I think some of the Dark, High and even Wood elves could make fitting stuff, as well as bitz of Slaanesh demons of course.

If you use Catachans, you could also mix in some Necromunda Orlock Gangers.
And of course dont forget the Chaos Mutations Sprue available, this can make almost every model somewhat devoted to Chaos.

Maybe itll help if you could post something about your general idea, so you could get better, straight-to-the-point tips, not random gibberish like mine... :D