View Full Version : Trade Blood Angels Assault Techmarine & other tech parts

09-08-2011, 03:13 AM
I'm after this guy!
Just the metal parts really, though anything assembled/painted and unwanted is fine by me..


I'll also consider just about anything that'll fit in with an Iron Hands army, so suggest away!
Also, delicious cash too..:D

09-13-2011, 08:55 AM
Ok... so this might not be allowed, but for private use I dont think its a problem...

I had an Iron hands army. I made a one sided cast of a techmarines torso (just the front) and was able to make several techy/mechanicus like front parts to power armour. It took some trimming and the detail wasnt as crisp as the original techmarine, but it went well on a couple of marines.

Got the idea when White Dwarf taught us how to make a 'purity seal roller'. (i.e. simple one sided casting).

I made my mould with Fimo- a sort of plasticy clay that oven bakes to harden because i had issues with greenstuff moulds with greenstuff product. However i hear very good things can be done with this; http://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/tools-and-misc/instant-mold.html

Also I tracked down all the bionic heads and mechanicus-esque parts I possibly could. Including the techmarine esque ones from SM vehicle crew, the one on the Ravenwing sprue, the Deathwatch bare head, the plastic marine captain heads (helmeted with big bionic eye and the half bionic face), the spare arm that comes with the direct only techmarine, one of the tyrannic war veterans (who needs alot of grinding off U symbols), some Iron Warriors torsos, the techmarine power axe from the old metal command squad box, theres an old metal space marine assault sergeant with a big bionic eye, one of the hooded dark angels veteran heads.

Not to mention the Iron hands upgrade pack. Also take a look at the Forgeworld Space MArine Character upgrade pack, and the new Master of the Forge model. Not to mention some of the old Iron Armour suits (add in the sternguard bolters they do and you have a nice looking unit). I think the boarding marines all have a giant bionic eye with them.

Hope thats all helpful. And keep checking ebay- there's loads of old techmarines for only about a quid up there.