View Full Version : 500 point Imperial Guard Combat Patrol Force

09-09-2009, 07:50 AM
just a quick one, readers of my blog will know I'm attending a local doubles tournement "Calneage 09"

the Combat Patrol Force rules are basicaly: no models with more than 2 wounds, no vehicle with armour greater than 33 (front+side+rear), no ordnance, must include 1 troops choice,

this will be the force i'm taking along

Platoon command Squad - 2 Grenade Launchers, Missile Launcher, Commander with power weapon - 65 points

Infantry Squad 1 - Autocannon, Grenade Launcher - 65 points

Infantry Squad 2 - Autocannon, Grenade Launcher - 65 points

Heavy Weapon Squad - 3 Autocannon teams - 75 points

Heavy Weapon Squad - 3 Heavy Bolter teams - 75 points

Conscript Squad - 20 men - 80 points

Armoured Sentinel - Plasma Cannon - 75 points

500 points total

the basic idea of the list is to have lots of heavy weapons, a decent range (36"-48"), lots of men to soak up the enemy damage (conscripts, infantry), and the sentinel is a shiny object to distract the enemy, but can also dish out heavy damage to anything, including space marines. The over use of troops also means objectives should be fairly easy to take.