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09-10-2009, 01:45 AM
Mega Event: Ragnarok

This tournament will be taking place on three 6ft x 4ft tables which will be arranged in a large U shape. Each army participating in this event must consist of at least the standard, one HQ and two Troop choices, and will be no more than 1500pts. If ten or more people sign up for the tournament the points allowed per army will be restricted further to only 1000pts. This will allow for more players on the table and more carnage.

Before the event every player will roll two dice. The player who rolls highest will deploy first. The player who rolls second highest will deploy to the right of the person who deployed first and so on. The player who deploys last may, after deploying, attempt to steal the initiative by rolling a 6 on a die. If they are successful they will get to move, shoot and assault first and instead of going clockwise the turns will go counter-clockwise.

Victory Condition
The only way to achieve victory in Ragnarok is to slaughter your opponents. There will be no objectives, no night fighting rules, no turn limit, nothing but the screams of your enemies. This event will be an Annihilation mission. Every time an army kills a unit (as described in the Annihilation section of the 40k rulebook) that armies controlling player gains one Kill Point. The player with the most Kill Points at the end of the event wins. It should be noted that in this event player retain their Kill Points even after being tabled.

Special Notes
Due to the odd nature of this event certain things must be clarified. Infiltrators work as normal (i.e. they must still be 12 away from any enemy unit if they can not be seen and 18 if any can). Special Characters are allowed. Without Number is banned, sorry Tyranids. Special Abilities that affect your enemy, affect all enemies (i.e. Imperial Guards ability to modify their opponents reserve rolls would affect all enemies). Army Special Rules only effect the army they come from (i.e. so no teleporting to opponents Monolith Necrons). Outflank allows the unit to come in any board edge, no die rolled needed to figure out which side. Any other oddity that may arise will be judged when it arises by the event judge.

3 Color Rule & Based
Each player will be awarded up to 3 bonus kill points for having their army fully painted and based. Three colors per model = 2 Kill Points, Based = 1 Kill Point.

Mjollnir: The Hammer of Thor Awarded to the player that earned the most kill points
Jarngreipr: The Gloves of Thor the second most kill points
Megingjoro: The Belt of Thor the third most kill points

The Eye of Odin Awarded to the player with the best painted army, voted on by the other participates in the event.
The Silver Tongue of Loki Awarded to the player with the best sportsmanship, voted on by the other participates in the event.