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09-10-2009, 03:41 AM
I've been playing 40k for 15 years now. I know the myths and speculations on the missing primarchs. What I was wondering has anybody made their own. (like some say they where meant to be open for) I've never met anyone who has. It's always been kinda a taboo project.
What did you name them?
What kinda powers if any?
Names of their legions?
What kinda tactics?

09-10-2009, 05:44 AM
I have. I called him Cadwalladyr (after the semi-legendary Welsh king who was similar in a lot of ways to King Arthur). I called his legion the Sword Sworn. Cadwalladyr had a basic stat line similar to a Demon Prince from the CSM codex with eternal warrior, holy might (instead of unholy might), regeneration from the Tyrannid codex, and a Feel No Pain Artificer Armour similar to Sicarius'. He has a relic blade and a bolt pistol. I used the Master of the Chapter figure with the powersword and helmet in the left hand, but replaced the sword with the sword arm from the Emperor's Champion. I limit him to Apocalypse battles only as he is 335 points all by his lonesome. With a Masters of the Chapter Retinue (the Chapter Master (acting as Master of the Arsenal, three Captains, a Chaplain, and a Librarian), it tops 1200 points.

As far as tactics, I was using vanilla marines, but with the new Space Wolves codex coming out, I may just revamp them with those rules instead.

09-10-2009, 10:12 AM
I came up with one, never made a model but does appear in my long pages of background. He's called Remoran and Led a Legion known as the Imperial Dragons. He's, well, pretty powerful. I've given him the same stat line as a chapter master but ewith Fearless, Eternal Warrior, Counter Attack, Furious Charge, Fleet and Acute Senses, He has a variety of weapons, depending on the mission, consideringthe limit of one weapon quite illogical, and has been knoiwn to fight with everything from a Bolter to Power Sword to Lascannon. He liked his men to follow this guidline too, sometimes equipping them wiuth Heavy Bolters against Orks, and Plasma guns against Mechanised armies. He left his legion several months before the Horus Heresy, d had been acting oddly for many mnths beforehand. Many think the Cabal who had persuaded the Alpha Legion into Heresy had reached his mind, but he had refused, but knowing the devestation to come broke his mind. Howver, in the millenia since then he has been seen on many worlds in many times, aiding friend and foe as he sees fit. he often manipulates and tricks, creating an end to a battle or war as he thinks will best help the imperium. If that means that Loyal forces must be detsoyed, Remora does not care. He was last seen leading a crusade of ghostly Warriors into the eye of terror,m heading for the homeworld of the Dark Marauder CSM warband, to wreak revenge after their attack upon the surviving Imperial Dragon chapter and its destruction.

09-10-2009, 10:24 AM
This may be a noob question but, what are vanilla marines? I've seen this phrase around so much now

09-10-2009, 12:25 PM
vanilla marines are marines straight from codex SM w/ no special units/abilities. basically they're NOT black templars, blood angels, dark angels, or space wolves

09-10-2009, 06:19 PM
Biggus Dickus. He was raised byThermians on Spamula before flying on the NSEA Protector back to Terra. He worked in a Sonic Drive-In a few years before entering the Plutonian Community College with his good friends Oglethorpe and Emory. A mere 9 years later he had his degree in marketing and went off to work at Galatic Innetech where he specilized in TPS Reports. While there he learned of his true identity when the Emperor visited along with Bob Slydell and Bob Porter on an efficiency visit. The Emperor gave Biggus Dickus a golden Swingline bolter and put him in charge of a new legion called the Kind-of-Mysterious Men. The former commander, "Mr. Furiouso" was insulted, changed his name to "Mr. Really-Pissed-Offo" and worked to secretly undermine Lord Dickus. During the heresy, "Mr Really-Pissed-Offo" dropped Biggus Dickus into a large Soylent Green grinder. The Kind-of-Mysterious Men ritualistically ate all the Soylent Green produced from that vat, although they were not particularly clear what that was suppose to accomplish. They sat out the rest of the heresy in protest. They later broke into several successor chapters including the Sort-of-Mysterious Guys, the Basically-Strange-Men-Next-Doors, the What-the-Hell-is-Wrong-With-Them Warriors, and the Local-Weirdos.