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11-10-2011, 12:01 AM
1850 point Battle Report: New Codex Necrons vs. Standard UltraMarines

Mission: Ambush (rolled from Battle Missions Book), Necrons attack, Ultramarines Defend

Forces of the Utramarines (as close as I can recall)
Cato Sicarius
Command Squad w/FNP
Terminator Squad w/Assault Cannon
Land Raider - Standard
Dreadnought - Standard
Drop Pod, DWML
10 Man Tactical Squad + Rhino, SB
10 Man Tactical Squad + Rhino, SB
5 Man Tactical Squad + Razorback, HB, SB
Devastator Squad
Devastator Squad

Forces of the Necrons
Imotekh the Stormlord
10 Immortals
10 Immortals
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Scarabs
10 Scarabs
10 Scarabs
3 Tomb Spyders, 2 fabricator claws

Set-up: The mission requires the defender to set up in the center 12” strip of the table. The Ultramarine commander placed the empty Drop pod and Terminators in Reserve. The Necrons set up with a Monolith on opposite corners of the deployment zone 13” away from the center of the table and 12” in from the ends of the table. The Scarabs were lined up to Assault the Land Raider, Dreadnought and multi-assault the Rhinos. 1 group of Warriors and Immortals were lined-up on each side of the center to fire into exposed Devastators. The Tomb Spyders were placed near the Scarabs to support assaults and to create additional Scarabs.

On a 1,2,3 the Ultramarines get the first turn, on a 4,5,6 the Necrons would go first. The Marines rolled a 4, the Necrons went first.

Necrons Turn 1. Night fight. Imotekh’s lightning attacks did not materialize. Moved the Scarabs up to assault vehicles and Dreadnought. Fired all Warriors, Immortals and the Monoliths into the exposed Devastators and the Razorback. Killed most of the Devastators and immobilized and stripped the weapons from the Razorback. 1 Monoliths Large Template scattered 8” and killed 7 Scarab bases! Assaulted the Land Raider, Dreadnought and Rhinos. Reduced the armor on each of the vehicles to just 2 or 3. Penetrating hits on just about everything! The Rhinos and Dreadnought were “Destroyed – Explodes”, the Land Raider was wrecked. Ultramarine Troops piled out everywhere.

Ultramarine Turn 1: Night Fight. Moved troops from the destroyed Rhinos to assault Scarabs. Fired into the Scarabs causing 3 wounds. Cato solo-charged one group of Necron Warriors, The Command squad charged one group of Immortals. The Ultramarine/Scarab assault turned into a 5 turn tarpit, reinforced by the Tomb Spyders replacing losses. Cato charged in and killed 1 Necron Warrior. The Command Squad Charged and killed 6 Immortals, the remaining 4 Immortals succeeded in running away from the Command Squad.

Necron Turn 2: Night Fight. Imotekh’s lightning attacks did not materialize. A Monolith pulled the Immortals away from imminent assault. The 11 Scarab bases moved from the wrecked Land Raider to charge the Command Squad. Imotekh moved behind the monolith. The Immortals, unengaged Warriors and Monoliths fired into and killed the remaining Devastators. The Scarab/Ultramarine Tarpit continued. The 11 unit scarabs (55 attacks) charged into the Command Squad and wounded 3 Ultramarines – FNP rolls saved them all. The Necrons lost 1 Warrior to Cato’s attacks.

Ultramarines Turn 2: Night Fight. All Ultramarines were tied up in 3 CC tarpits. Cato killed 1 Necron Warrior. The Command squad killed 1 Scarab base, another base was lost to Fearless rolls. The Ultramarine Tactical squad killed 1 Scarab base.

Necron turn 3: Night Fight. The Necron warriors and Immortals were repositioned to rapid fire into the troops in case the Scarab swarms were eliminated. The Monolith pulled the retreating Immortals to the center of the table. For fun, the retreating Immortals were kept on the table the rest of the game by passing them back and forth between the Monoliths. 

Ultramarine Turn 3: Night Fight. Reserve rolls came in for the Drop pod (direct hit) and Terminators – 9” Deviation put them within ” of the edge of the table – just 8” from a Monolith and Imotekh. The Terminators rolled just 12” on night fight and fired into a Warrior squad and missed all shots. The CC tarpits continued around the board. Cato killed 1 more Necron Warrior. The Command Squad killed 1 more Scarab base. The Tactical Squad killed 1 more base.

Necron Turn 4: Moved the Monolith to within 2” of the Terminators. Imotekh moved to within 4” of the Terminators. The Immortals and Warriors turned to rapid fire into the Terminators. Imotekh fired his special weapon into the Terminators and killed 4. The Monolith Portal of Exile was activated just 2” from the remaining Terminator, and rolled a 1 for distance. :-/ Warriors fired into the remaining Terminator and failed to kill him.

Ultramarine Turn 4: The remaining Terminator (with Chainfist) moved to assault the Monolith. The CC tarpits continued. Cato killed 2 Warriors and received an unsaved wound in return! The Command squad killed another base, but lost another member. The Tactical squad killed 2 Scarab bases and the last Scarab was lost to Fearless rolls – the Tactical squad consolidated and moved 4” deeper into cover. The final Terminator assaulted the Monolith and hit! But rolled just 3 on 2d6 for penetration.

Necron Turn 5. The Monolith and Imotekh moved 6” away from the Terminator. Everything on the Terminator side of the board fired into the Terminator – 15 wounds and 3 missed saves finished the Terminator off. The Command Squad killed another Scarab base, but was reduced to just the Apothecary . Cato killed another Necron Warrior. The Immortals and Monoliths fired into the remaining Tactical Squad member and killed all but 4, the remaining units ran from combat, directly across the path of 10 Immortals and a Monolith.

Ultramarine Turn 5. Just 2 Ultramarines remained fighting on the board – Cato and the Command Squad Apothecary. The Apothecary fell to the Scarab swarm and Cato finished off the remaining Warriors - Consolidating towards the Tomb Spyder, Scarabs and Monolith.

Necron Turn 6: The Monolith pulled an Immortal squad between it and Cato, the scarabs moved away from Cato and the Tomb Spyder Moved away from Cato. The remaining Tactical squad members were wiped out by the 4 retreating Immortals. Cato… was within Gauss range of everything else on the board. 17 wounds resulted in 3 failed saves and 3 failed FNP rolls.

UltraMarine Losses

Necron Losses:
1 Unit of Warriors
1/2 unit of Immortals
1 Unit of Scarabs
2 Tomb Spyders

Battle Notes:

30 Scarabs = 150 attacks on the charge
20 Warriors + 20 Immortals = 80 shots under 12"
2 Monoliths = 24 shots

Ambush Turn 1:
104 Gauss Shots
150 CC attacks

Rolling buckets of dice makes all the difference....