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Another Random Geek
09-12-2009, 04:36 PM
Hey all. Today I bought a ton of old RT and 2nd Ed. Era Orks for only $60.00 from someone getting out of the hobby. After playing around a bit with Army Builder, this is what I figured I could field painted at the moment.

HQ: (128 points)

Warboss w/ Twin Linked Shoota, Ammo Runt


Elites: (180 points)
5 Lootas
(1 Loota is a Mekboy)

8 Kommandos w/ 1 Big Shoota
(1 Kommando is a Nob)

Troops: (475 points)

30 Ork Slugga Boyz Mob

30 Ork Slugga Boyz Mob
(1 Ork is Nob w/ Boss Pole)

10 Ork Slugga Boy Mob in Truk w/ Red Paint Job

Heavy Support (209 points)

2 Gun Lobba Battery w/ 3 Ammo Runts, Runtherd

Looted Wagon w/ Red Paint Job, Hard Case, 2 Rokket Launchas, Boomgun

Total Points: 992

Your thoughts?

09-13-2009, 02:48 AM
4 lootas pretty much won't do anything except give up a killpoint, I'd skip them.

I'd probably also skip the wierdboy.

Now what is missing is PKs. PowerKlaws are the orks main weapon. Boss needs one, each boy unit needs a nob with one. Assuming the warboss goes in the trukk with the boys, put in 11 boys (as trukks hold 12 total) and give the warboss a bosspole

Also go with a kombi-skorcha instead of the TL shoota for the warboss. Or just save the points and say he has the stock shoota.

Cybork for the warboss.

I like the heavy support except the 2 Rokkits on the boomwagon. 1, I can see since it can still shoot when the main gun is destroyed but not 2..since you can't move and shoot both. Maybe a Big shoota is a better idea.

Kommandos - good


warboss, PK, cybork, shoota, bosspole - 105


30 boys, includ. Nob w/PK, bosspole x 2 - 440

11 boys, trukk w/Reinforced ram - 106


8 kommandos, Big shoota, Nob w/Bosspole & big choppa - 105

Heavy Support:

2 Gun Lobba Battery w/ 3 Ammo Runts, Runtherd - 69

Looted Wagon w/ Red Paint Job, Hard Case, big shoota, Boomgun - 120

That's only 945 so you can still play the wierdboy. Though I'd go with one of the 30 boys units to be shootas to join the wierdboy with..that way they can shoot after deepstriking and can get the +1A power as well to be just like sluggas.