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09-14-2009, 02:14 PM
I'm working on a 1500 pts Grey Knight army led by Captain Stern for the the last volume of the Vraks campaign, and I need some help on filling out the following list:

Captain Stern with a retinue of three Terminators

1 Terminator squad (4 Terminators)

2x GK squads (Justicar, 3 GKs and a GK w/Psycannon)

1 GK squad w/Deep Strike (Justicar, 2 GKs and 2 GKs with Incinerators)

1 GK Dreadnought with Lascannons and CCW

1 Land Raider

It is only meant for non-competitive, friendly campaign play - but at the same time I'd like a list balanced enough to be fun to play and develop as my experience grows.

Although the models are fairly set (I could always pick up a couple to change weapons etc. - but not much beyond, at least not until the initial force is finished), any input on wargear, weapons load-out, etc. - generally anything to do with the last 150ish points - would be greatly appreciated!

09-15-2009, 07:49 AM
How about another dread w/ assault cannon?

When playing GKs I found that I was having issues with my volume of fire esp over 24"

09-15-2009, 08:32 AM
toss in 5 IST + meltaguns in a rhino.

O and a teleport homer for that fast attack.

Also you will want to use the inat(adeptcon) faq to clean up a few rules (save you from digging through wargear/main rule book to figure out what is what now)

Standard GK's are weak at punching armor.