View Full Version : 1k points of Star Phantoms, help needed

09-14-2009, 02:22 PM
Hi there,

so, I've made the decision to build a 1000 points basic force of Star Phantoms, using up most of the Vanilla Marine stuff I have still around, to finally get some games again. If you care what they will look like, check out this thread. (http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/showthread.php?t=1867&page=2)

Now, I'm still much more of a painter than I'm a gamer, and I've had only 2 very small 5th edition games, so my problem would be the list building part. Here's what I'm thinking:

- I mostly want to use what I have available. Not much money atm, but some ebay acquisations would be okay on the long run.
- The list should be decently competetive and able to hold up on itself, if I decide to not expand it.
- It should be easy to expand, building on the first 1k points, if I decide to do so in the future. :P
- It should be based on the Vanilla Codex, as I don't want to rely on my opponent to allow a badab minidex list.

Okay, so here's the list I've came up with so far.

Captain (Androcles stand-in) - 155
Powersword, Combi-melta, Jump Pack, melta bombs

Assault Squad, 8 Marines - 184
Flamer, power weapon, melta bombs

10 Tactical Marines - 210
Missile Launcher, Melta

5 Scouts - 90
Sniper Rifles
camo cloaks 15

Land Speeder - 70
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder - 70
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

Vindicator - 115

Dreadnaught (MM, CCW) - 105

- 999 points total.

Now please have mercy with an inexperienced, but enthusiastic player and tell me if this list holds any water, or how you would change it in order to make it a flexible, competitive army, even if your suggestions divert far off what I have presented here.

Cheers and thanks in advance,