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02-22-2012, 07:56 AM
Mark yer calendars… its 4 Diamonds time!

The 4 Diamonds Cup is back for our FIFTH improbable year!

What are you blabbering about?

The 4 Diamonds Cup is a one day Blood Bowl tournament on May 19th 2012, in scenic Harrisburg PA (world renowned Blood Bowl hotspot!).

The tournament is 3 rounds, LRB6 (including Chaos Pact, Slann, and Underworld teams), 1 million gold to purchase rosters, and a choice of skill packages for your team.

Cost is $25, which gets you 2 Tournament d6, 5 raffle tickets, a gut packing homemade lunch, and whatever other stuff I can think of before the event!

ALL money collected will be donated to the 4 Diamonds Fund

I DO love Blood Bowl, and supporting kids with cancer, but I ALSO love prizes…

Well YOU are in luck!

We always have a ridiculous pile of raffle and prize items from our fantastic sponsors, and our Squig Craftsmen are hard at work on a team and dugout for the big raffles.

There will also be Trophies for Champion, 2nd Place, Best Sportsman, Best Team, Most Brutal, Most TDs, and the humiliating glory of the Paddle of Shame!

Ask anyone who has been to our events, our prize and raffle table is CRAZY!

Ok, ok, stop haranguing me!

The website is ready to go, so get over there and register!

We have pictures of past events, as well as a message board for smack talking.

Lots of updates to come, as prize and raffle items start to arrive


See you in May!