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Shotgun Justice
03-08-2012, 08:20 PM
Following posting my army list in t'other forum I've posted my first go at a battle report, also the first time I've played against Daemons, this opponent and at this gaming club.

My list:
Librarian, bp & force weapon, avenger & null zone.
x1 Tactical Squad, melta, missile launcher, power fist, Rhino
x1 Tactical Squad, flamer, missile launcher, power fist, Rhino
x1 Tactical Squad (5man) combi-flamer, Razorback
Sternguard x5, x3 combi-melta, heavy flamer, Rhino
Dreadnought w. multi-melta & heavy flamer
Dreadnought w. assault cannon & storm bolter
x2 Landspeeder w. hb & typhoon ml
x1 Landspeeder w. multi-melta & heavy flamer
Vindicator w, siege shield

My opponent's list as best I remember: (a & b denote force for deployment)

Daemon Prince, Mk of Khorne, wings (b)
Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, joined to bloodcrushers (b)
Flamers x3 (a)
Flamers x3 (b)
Bloodcrushers x4 wound allocation setup (b)
Bloodletters x13 (a)
Bloodletters x12 (a)
Horrors x6 bolt (a)
Horrors x6 bolt, changeling (b)
Soul grinder with S8 template (b)

We rolled Annihilation and Spearhead. He gave me first turn unsurprisingly and I took the corner that included most of a sky shield pad and a 3 storey ruin at the back. The rest of the table was pretty much ignored as the game played out.
I deployed the Tac squad with the flamer onto the pad hoping to claim it as a forward fire base. The Tac squad with melta went into the ruins across 2 floors to provide a 2nd fire point. The razorback went far right so it could block a clear approach route. The assault cannon dread supported it with the 5 man Tac squad in a rhino slightly behind where they would serve as reserve. (I realise in writing this that they couldn't deploy into this rhino and should have deployed separately and embarked in their first turn) To the left of the sky shield I deployed the vindicator covering my entire left flank with an empty rhino covering it's side armour.
In the centre the librarian deployed with the sternguad in their rhino to increase the bubble for null zone with the melta dread behind it to deal with any deep strikers in my deployment zone. Finally I deployed one typhoon in my back corner to back up the melta dread and reserved the other 2 speeders

The forward Tac squad spread out across the skyshield and I did some wriggling of other units for gaining and blocking los.
My opponent was hoping for force b to arrive but got force a, giving him very limited ability to deal with vehicles. The 2 bloodletters units came in, 1 facing the skyshield and the other in the centre of the table. The horrors came in to the right of centre with a pond between them and both my razorback & assault cannon dread and the Flamers went balls out and attempted to land on the skyshield (which is mahousive by the way.) They scattered away from me and landed shy of the landing pad, running in close to the pad. The blood letters shimmied about so as not to be in charge range of the dread and the horrors moved to get bolt off at the dread, stunning it.

Space Marines T2
Both land speeders arrived from reserve. Movement was to bring up the reserve Tac squad to support the stunned dread and the sternguard rhino came right of the skyshield with it to target the Flamers.
The Tac squad in the ruin came downstairs and the other moved forward across the pad to get into flamin' range of the Flamers, however my opponents clever placement and spacing, hugging the base of the pad meant only the flamer & 1 bolter could see them and frags from the right hand typhoon could only hit one model per blast. 2 Flamers died to the landspeeder and a couple of rhino storm bolters. Finally the vindicator fired at the leftmost blood letters, scattering and killing 1. 3 daemons dead, lots of lead in the air. Poor rolling and here come the big boys
Daemons T2
The soul grinder arrived beside the horrors, in a pond but unsurprisingly ditch water posed no threat to a daemon construct, which was really nicely modelled as a carnifex lost in the warp and grafted onto some defiler legs.
The daemon prince arrived behind my lines threatening pretty much everything with an AV, especially since my defensive line risked multi-charges from anything with a big base. The surviving Flamer jumped onto the pad to burn the tacs. The leftmost blood letters moved tentatively towards the skyshield and the other unit got a low ruin between them and the dread.
I don't think he did any shooting damage

Space Marines T3
The mm/hf speeder attempted to block some of the Prince's movement options and the melta dread moved back to also target him. The melta-tac squad embarked on their rhino which moved left, round the corner of the ruin - stupidly blocking the vindicator from targeting the prince. Lucky shooting meant 10 shots from the dread, speeder, 1 typhoon and melta gun from the rhino top hatch combined with null zone caused the 5 wounds necessary to banish the Prince.
The flamer squad liquified the remaining Flamer and moved to target the bloodletters next turn, the sternguard rhino moved under the skyshield and the melta tac rhino moved to support it while the melta dread ran and smoked to support my right flank. The razorback and right typhoon killed 4 horrors and on the left side the vindicator and sternguard culled 5 or 6 bloodletters.
Daemons T3
The rest of the daemon reserves arrived: the Horrors with Changeling and Bloodcrusher unit with Herald came in facing the razorback on the right and the 2nd flamer unit arrived bang-on on the skyshield and melted 7 marines who I chose to flee off the pad. The solo horror missed with bolt but the new unit destroyed the right hand typhoon. The Soul Grinder fleeted and charged the dread. The dread swung first, penetrating and wrecking the thing, much to both of our surprise. The right hand Bloodletters charged the nearest rhino and immobilised it, I consolidated the dred across the wreck to charge them next turn. The other Bloodletters failed a charge against the Sternguard rhino and were left stranded.

Space Marines T4
The vindicator and remaining typhoon killed all 3 Flamers while the fleeing tac squad auto rallied and moved back under the pad. There they joined the, now dismounted, melta tac squad & sternguard and using bolter, heavy flamer and avenger wiped out the smaller Bloodletters unit while the 5 man squad and various stormbolters reduced the other Bloodletters to 5 models. The assault cannon dread declined to fire at them but charged, killing 2. The mm/hf speeder flamed the Changeling Horrors unit and the razorback couldn't kill the solo Horror.
Daemons T4
The Changeling's unit of Horrors used bolt to blast off the dccw from the melta dread. While the solo horror again didn't hurt anything and the Bloodcrushers moved forward to charge next turn. The remaining bloodletters destroyed the storm bolter on the rhino wrecking it but the other dread killed 2 more of them and the final one failed his no retreat save.

Space Marines T5
The vindicator did its best to bring its demolisher into range but fell short of the Changeling's Horrors, the 2 landspeeders however destroyed the unit. The one-arm dread melted the solo horror and the other dread took a wound off the Bloodcrushers.
Daemons T5
The Bloodcrushers charged the one-arm dread reducing it to a no-arm bandit. It somehow managed to inflict a wound.

Space Marines T6
The assault cannon dread along with the 3 and 5 man tac squads charged the Bloodcrushers losing 4 marines but causing 6 wounds in return. The final bloodcrusher was killed off by a failed no retreat save, leaving no him with no more models.

Final score 10-2

Although the Daemons were unable to threaten my lines in any numbers I enjoyed the game against a new army and fun opponent. He embraced the nature of the Daemons and risked the first half of the game by putting his heavy hitters all in one deployment group, which in chaotic style refused to do as he hoped. This really handicapped him. Having said that he spread his first wave out, probably because they couldn't do much to the dreads on the right and would have had to bunch up in the face of the vindicator on the left. This meant they were isolated. In all honesty I though he was tentative with his bloodletters and crushers, all of which had enough wounds to survive scattering and who could have denied me my ability to focus fire and mutually support one another had they pressed my lines.
The daemon prince was a bold move but on his lonesome I had too many guns available, especially since he didn't concurrently pressure my weaker left to split fire.
I think my opponents greater experience with his army told him to be cautious as I could castle in cover and he lacked grenades, in the face of that he could have either waited (as he did) or added yet more risk to his game and pushed forward which chanced greater rewards.

03-28-2012, 09:33 PM
Sounds like it was alot of fun