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09-19-2009, 02:42 PM
I watched the following situation in a game today; a Tomb Spyder creates a Scarab Swarm in the assault phase. In the Necron player's following movement phase he moves the Tomb Spyder 6" towards an enemy vehicle. The Scarab Swarm, however, moves closer to 8" - pulling ahead of the slower Tomb Spyder but remaining within unit coherency.

In the assault phase the player then declares a charge with the Tomb Spyder / Scarab Swarm unit against a vehicle, and the Scarab Swarm is just within 6" of the vehicle's hull. The Necron player then moves the Scarab Swarm into "base-to-base" (or "base-to-hull") contact with the vehicle, with the Tomb Spyder moving up its full 6" assault move behind the Scarab Swarm.

The Tomb Spyder doesn't make contact with the vehicle, but is within 2" of the Scarab Swarm. Due to this, the Necron player uses the Tomb Spyder's full attack potential and proceeds to disseminate the vehicle.

My question is, was that entire situation by the book? Can units with different Movement characteristics move at different speeds as long as they remain in unit coherency?`Does every model within 2" of a model in "base-to-hull" contact with a vehicle get its full attack potential? Or was there some creative interpretation at work here?

09-19-2009, 03:57 PM
Nope, that was the wrong way to do it.
(To lazy to look up a page number, but...) a unit must always move at the speed of its slowest member. So the swarm cannot move that fast, in order to take the lead.