View Full Version : Space wolves, how does this look?

09-20-2009, 11:12 AM
Or for 2 more points 4 wolf guard termies with 2 having fists to go in the drop pod.

HQ 1847
195 Wolf lord terminator, 2xwolf claws, saga warrior born
120 Rune priest, terminator
212+250 4 Wolf guard, terminator(all)
1 Storm shield
2 thunder hammer
3 2 wolf claws
4 chain fist storm shield - ded trans landraider

215 10 Grey hunters , melta , flamer, pf, rhino
215 10 Grey hunters , melta , flamer, pf, rhino
215 10 Grey hunters , melta , flamer, pf, rhino
185 8 grey hunters , melta , pf , drop pod

Fast attack
120 3 speeders melta
120 3 speeders melta

44 models, 10 vehicles

09-20-2009, 11:31 AM
Your termis are just too expensive, Your paying over twice the price of a man termi squad from the SM dex for only 4 guys who arent all that much more killey than a standard assault squad. Termis kitted out this expensive just arent points effective. Ide rather have 7 Wg with termi armor (comes with power sword and SB), one with heavy flamer, one with chainfist, one with cyclone launcher. Same points, twice the models, and not really any more expensive than Space marine codex. That, or run 5 man cheapie termi squad with one guy havinga heavy flamer,and one a chainfist. Should be in line, points wise, with other termi's in other dex's.