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09-20-2009, 10:20 PM
So this is my latest Eldar list which I'm in the middle of painting. I'm about to play test it next week with a friend of mine against his Templars. What weakness do you see against Marines?

Comments appreciated:)

click here for more detail (http://sites.google.com/site/eldar1500/)



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Farseer = 230 pts.
• Runes of Witnessing +10, Doom +25, Guide +20, Spirit Stones +20
• Farseer "Spiritseer" Retinue - (2) Singing Spear +3, Enhance +15, Conceal +15


Striking Scorpions (6)
• Exarch: Scorpions's Claw +15, Stalker +5 = 128 pts.

Fire Dragons (6)
• Crackshot +5, Tank Hunters +15, Wave Serpent +120 w/tl Missile Launcher = 256 pts.

Wraithguard (6)
• Spiritseer: Enhance +15 = 221 pts.


Pathfinders (5)
• Long Rifle, Shuriken pistol = 120 pts.

Dire Avengers (10)
• Exarch: Dire-sword w/ Shimmer shield +15, Bladestorm +15 = 162 pts.

Guardian Squad (10)
• Warlock, Shuriken Cannon weapon platform +25 = 110 pts.

Guardian Squad (10)
• Warlock, Shuriken Cannon weapon platform +25 = 110 pts.

Additional for 2K:


Dark Reapers (5)
• Exarch, Fast Shot +20, Crack Shot +10 = 217 pts.

++ Fast Shot = +1 to shots fired (Heavy 3), cannot be used same turn as Crack Shot.
+++ Crack Shot = no cover saves allowed, re-roll failed to wound rolls when shooting.

• Two flamers, Bright Lance rifle +40, Missile Launcher +25 = 155 pts.


Guardian Jetbike Squadron (5)
• Jetbike Warlock = 133 pts.

09-21-2009, 04:06 AM
Firstly, you don't need to post all the special rules for each model and what they do ;)

Your Farseer has three powers, you can only use two per turn so bear this in mind. Also, mind war isn't that good as the models you'll target will have high leadership any way.

6 Striking Scorpions won't last long. If you're on foot take 8 and they will take heavy losses before they reach enemy lines, you need a transport to get this assault unit into assault quicker or you'll spend more turns foot slogging than in assault.

You don't need the exarch with the dragons, they are a throw away unit and your paying high premium to get tank hunters when you don't really need it. Also for those extra points I'd go brightlances.

Do you really need enhance on the wraithgurd which is a shooting unit?

Defend goes better with shimmer shield for Dire Avengers. Also on foot? 4+ armour save? You'll have to use terrain a lot to save them with the high amount of ap4 weapons.

I would drop crack shot as fast shot disallows it and you'd be wanting to use that majority of the time.

09-21-2009, 06:11 AM
Thanks for the input. I took out the rule blurbs.

You make some good points so I will adjust. I wish Serpents were not so expensive.

09-21-2009, 07:06 AM
Serpents are very expensive, but that for that extra 10 points may as well go brightlance. I use brightlance and shuriken cannons on mine, good for vehicles and anti infantry. I'm still not a massive fan of the brightlance, buts its better against tougher armour than the EML would be.