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04-10-2012, 02:12 AM
Hi all, having a big clearout of my Warhammer and 40k Armies

1) 2000pts Chaos Space Marine Night Lords army, converted with NL conversion packs and FW Rhino Doors, consists of:
-1 Lord (the one with jump pack and lightning claws, but minus the jump pack- which I can provide)
-5 Terminators with lightning claws and 1 heavy flamer
-11 Chaos Marines with a meltagun
-11 Chaos Marines with a flamer
-11 Chaos Marines with 2 flamers
-10 Chaos Marines with a flamer
-4x Rhinos
-3 Obliterators
-Codex: Chaos Space Marines
-A figure case that has been cut to fit the whole force, except for 1 of the Rhinos.

Here are pics of the army:

All are painted to a high gaming standard, and are based too.
The cost of buying the army new rrp is just over 450, including the costs of the FW parts and the metal Night Lords' conversion packs.
Bearing this in mind, and the painting/modelling work that went into the army, I'd be interested in an offer around 325, but can negotiate on price if need be
Drop me a pm if you're interested, or have any questions

3. 2500pts Empire Marienburg army, consists of:
Edvard van der Kraal
Warhammer forge Manan's Blades Bsb
Gold wizard
Celestial wizard
2 Engineers
45 Swordsmen (converted from greatswords)
3 Unpainted Swordsmen
20 Crossbowmen
20 Free Company
2 Cannons (1 is converted from a Leadbelcher, into a fun diorama)
2 Mortars
Hellstorm Rocket Battery
3 Ogre Maneaters
Warhammer Stagecoach
All units excluding warmachines have movement trays too
The army also comes packed in a KR Multicase, which fits all models
10 New on Sprue Handgunners/Crossbowmen (a couple of bits have come off here and there; but I've replaced them where possible, or just added in extra bitz to compensate)
There's also a bitz box which, among a host of other things, has about 40 unbuilt Halberdiers, as well as as lots of Greatsword and Swordsmen arms with which to add to the unit of 45.

All are converted and painted to a very high standard, and based using my own cast 'cobbled street' bases
RRP for this army, including the spare bits, is coming up to 450. As such, I'd consider offers around the figure of 350 really, although I could negotiate of course.
Photos of the army are here http://s1098.photobucket.com/albums/g370/muse1c/Marienburg%202012/
Some of it does need finishing off a bit, like the Leadbelcher diorama and one of the Engineers (Marco Columbo), but apart from that it's all finished. There are some unpainted Swordsmen too, as well as an extra Ogre (one with the red and white striped trousers) that can step in as Maneater or 4 Swordsmen. Note too, I have not pictured all the crew or all the Warmachines, as they are very similar! All Warmachines have their 3 crew each. The Hellstorm comes apart for packing too.

I hope these are tempting offers; with the new Empire army book just released, and Csm on the horizon, these are great oportunities for people wanting to get stuck in to both these armies!

A quick note, although I've only recently joined BoLS (wanted to get the sales up on another site), I have trade and commission painting feedback on both Wareer and DakkaDakka if people are dubious.

Cheers folks, feel free to drop me a pm if you're interested (I can negotiate on price), or have any queries about the armies

04-15-2012, 08:30 AM
Prices dropped by 75 on both armies, really would like a sale on these.
Both are now well below rrp, and are well painted and converted- the Empire especially are a great buy, what with the release of the new book

Let me know if anyone's interested, or has any questions- I could negotiate on price too!