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09-21-2009, 06:49 AM
Wolf Guard Battle Leader - 155
Jump pack, frost blade (str5), Wolf tooth talisman (5+ psi save), storm shield

Rune priest - (100)
* Fury of the World Spirits
* Hurricane

Rune priest - Hrungar Bolt-Bringer(100)
* Jaws of the wolf
* Living lightning (bzzp!)


Greyhunters - Tor Star-Splitters pack - (190)
-10 man
8 bolters
2 meltaguns
-tank hunters-

Greyhunters - Gunnr Quake-Fists pack - (200)
(WG Gunnar with - combi melt, powerfist, melta bombs)
- 8 man
1 with power weapon
1 with mark of wulfen!
1 with standard
1 meltagun
-initial assault support-

Greyhunters - Mortn Dread-Fangs Pack - (140)
(WG Mortn with -powerfist, storm bolter)
- 6 man
Hunter with power axe
-rune priest rides-
- close support unit-

Greyhunters - Håkon Stout-Jaws pack - (110)
- 5 man
-rune priest rides-
- mid range/home support-


Wolf Guard - (149)
-3 man (in with packs)
48 - combi melt, powerfist, melta bombs
41 - powerfist, storm bolter
60 - bike, combi melt, p fist


Skyclaws - Mikael Moon-runners pack (jumpers) - (230)
-10 Man
1 with meltagun
1 with mark of wulfen
1 with power fist

Swiftclaws - Eryk Dawn-chasers pack (Bikes) - (125)
-5 bikes


09-21-2009, 07:49 AM
May as well give your WGBL a wolf claw, you don't get the +1 attack anyway, but the re-rolls are a thing of beauty. A Wolf Tooth Necklace wouldn't hurt either.

Wolf Priests are meh.

Grey Hunters are good mobile blasty troops, but I wouldn't go so far as to deck out completely for assault, unless you're bringing a Land Raider to run them in.

Skyclaws and Swiftclaws are bleh. BS3, WS3, impetuous and single attack weapons do not a good assault troop make. Jump packers have no protection and are too easy to whittle down, bikes are tougher but don't hit all that hard.

You need something to help pop vehicles from range. Dakka Preds, TLAC Dreads, Long Fangs, MM/HF Speeders, MM Dreads, and so on.

Drop the Skyclaws and Bikes, add dakka, and maybe go for a hitty assault unit (GH in a LRC, should be fun). Thunderwolves, Iron Priest Thunderwolves with friends, and regular wolves help a ton in the assault department.

09-21-2009, 01:27 PM

Here are my comments:

1. I'd change the WGBL to a Wolf Priest. You'll gain a lot more from Oath of Battle than anything the WGBL can give you.

2. I'm getting a lot of use out of Master of Runes. I use Living Lightning and Storm Caller on one priest (the "far" priest) and Murderous Hurricane and Tempest's Wrath on the other (the "near" priest). I've been really happy with the results so far.

3. Every squad of Grey Hunters needs a Mark of the Wulfen. It's just too useful to skimp on. I'd also find the points for power weapon in every squad. Every mounted Grey Hunters pack also needs at least 1 meltagun.

4. The standard is a pretty decent deal (re-rolling all 1's for a turn). Let me know if it works!

5. I wouldn't put meltabombs and power fists on the same model. .

6. Put a power weapon on your skyclaw instead of a power fist. One WS3 power fist attack just doesn't cut it on round 2 - unless you add the Wolf Priest, then it might be okay.

Looks like a fun list -- let us know what you settle on and how it plays. Best of luck!

-- mkerr