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04-29-2012, 05:53 AM
Here's the eBay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120905678321#ht_1867wt_1396

Shipping to the USA only, sorry!

I'm selling off my labor of love, my Renegade army. This is over $1,000 worth of stuff, starting bid is $430 with free shipping. * Just Reduced & Relisted *

This is made up of tons of Forge World and conversions, every model is on a resin trench base, all of the tanks have battle damage, armor plates, scarring, but I didn't go overboard.

I used a mix of GW tanks, FW parts, and mixed ground troops to give the feel of a recently rebelled, quickly turning chaotic army. Below is my list of how I used the models, but you can of course use them however you want!

More pictures are available on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/67196463@N06/sets/72157629527369596/).


Command Squad with 3x Plasma Guns + Standard (FW Renegade Militia Command)

2x Renegade Rogue Psykers (FW)

5x Enforcers (FW, Used as squad leaders)

2x 9 Man Psyker Battle Squads (Mantic Ghouls)

FW Renegade Ogryn + 3 more Converted

2x 9 Man Penal Legion Squads (FW Renegade Militia Conversions)

2x 9 Man Veteran Squads with 3x Meltaguns, 3x Plasma Guns (Wargames Factory Shock Troops)

3 Chimeras with Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Stubber (One needs tracks)

Converted Hellhound

3 Sentinels (2 Multilasers (magnetized), 1 Autocannon)

2x Converted Hydra Flak Tanks

Manticore (Magnetized Removable Missiles)

3x Leman Russ (1 FW Turret, 1 Standard Battle Tank, 1 new Model with no weapons glued in but all included)

2x Basilisks (1 Standard, 1 Converted to a Medusa nicknamed the "High Five." It ended an apocalypse game
in one shot, killing a Stompa and causing an apocalyptic explosion. The crew is actually high fiving.)

FW Cyclops Demolition Vehicle

The Imperial Guard Codex + the 2 previous editions

Etched Brass Chaos Icons

a Huge Bits Bag including more FW models, tank crew, missiles, guns, etc.

3 Custom Foam Trays to transport the models (one shown)