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09-22-2009, 08:47 AM
I have seen a few of these fun lists latley. What do you think?

Codex SM


Librarian in terminator armor w /SS Null Zone and GoI


5 Assault terminators w/SS and TH (libby attached)


10 TAC w/ multi melta and Flamer

10 TAC w/ multi melta and Flamer


2 Attack Bikes w/ multi melta


Land Raider Redeemer

Land Raider Redeemer

Land Raider Redeemer

09-22-2009, 12:36 PM
I play a 3 LR Grey Knight list as well, so I can give you some tips.

How well the posted list will play will depend heavily on what opponent you are facing. That is the weakness of the list you posted. Some armies will steamroll this list, and those armies are fairly common. Think about an army of plague marines with meltas and rhino's. If you get close, you will loose your land raiders to the melta's. Since you have no long range firepower (or at least very little), you won't be able to get the plague marines out of their rhinos. So you won't be able to kill the plague marines, they will blow up your land raiders, and you're left with 750pts of terminators and tactical marines to face the nearly 1500pts of plague marines.

You need more long range firepower, unless you know you aren't going to face a list like the one mentioned above. If the enemy has a significant number of transports, you will need to take standard LR's to destroy those transports from a distance. Because Land Raiders are so expensive you don't have the bodies to stand up against an opponent's offensive. You need to be able to keep the enemy at arms length until you have whittled them down enough that you can finish them with an assault of your own.

Now, if you know you won't have to worry about taking out transports, then you can consider Crusaders or Redeemers. I've been experimenting with Crusaders recently to good effect, but only against certain types of lists. None of the varients come close to matching the versatility of the standard Land Raider, so you need to know you will be in one of the specific situations that a Redeemer or Crusader is better before you take them.

I highly recommend reading the Way of the Water Warrior on Bolter and Chainsword if you are going to play lists like this. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=101214 This is the best 40k tactica I've ever read, hands down.

09-22-2009, 12:40 PM
Oh, here's my standard 1500pt list.

Brother Captain w/ 4 Terminator Retinue

2x 8 Grey Knights w/ Justicar and 2 Incinerators

3x Land Raiders w/ Extra Armor

Occationally a detail or two gets switched around, and if I know I will be playing, say, an Ork horde army I might switch out the standard Land Raiders for Crusaders, but that's the list I use in most of my games, to reasonable success considering how weak the Daemonhunter 'dex is and how competitive my gaming group is.

09-22-2009, 12:47 PM
i've seen somethin similar in a Chaos list.

i think it was 2000 or 2500 pts or so though.

lets see the core was 4 ten man 'zerker squads, a squad of chaos terminators for the 4th landraider. 3 landraiders in the heavies.

premese was the 'zerkers and the 'raiders had to set up on the board, mount up and tear across the board. think he had a lord and a Kharn type in the squads (two squads at 9)

he also had bikes (2 squads of 6) and lesser daemons (3 squads of ten) he may have had a greater daemon as well. there were also a couple rhinos one with chosen and one with noise marines....

scary enough to see and would be fun to field.... just need someone to donate me a few landraders and a box of 'zerkers....

should note that the list was only defeated vs Dark Eldar, he did not fight Eldar. he thought the list would have issues with the dark/light lances and it did. to be fare the DE player had to hit each rader with 3 lances to pop it. (not that the DE player was lacking any though, he ripped apart my DA greenwing 'almost company', tabled at turn 3. i had time to walk around and look at the armies :D)

09-22-2009, 02:43 PM
Pick up Crusaders over Redeemers, the latter is too short ranged to be effective. Crusaders are better generalists. Add extra armor and multi-meltas every time.

This list could work in theory, but I'd make a couple changes.

Buy the Tacs a Rhino. It's cheap, and you can split them up to have a scoring Land Raider as well as a multi-melta psuedo-Razorback.

Give the Libby Avenger or a combat boosting power, since he'll be getting stuck in on a regular basis. These guys are your hammer, use them to smash faces.

Add MM/HF speeders to taste, they've got speedy firepower against all types of enemies.

That may not all fit into 1500, but at that level 3 LRs is going to eat up all your points. Bare bones, triple Crusaders, Tacs in Rhinos, Termies, and Libby (or a Chaplain) should be ok. It's a one trick pony, but it should catch some people off guard. I think just 2 would be sufficient and would give you a lot more leg room to build a more flexible list.

09-22-2009, 03:07 PM
I'm a Tris-Raider player, also. This is a 1500pts pure GK list I like vs Dark Eldar (which has worked out very well to date):

BC w/ Psycannon, Hammer Hand

Justicar + 5x PAGK w/ 1x Incinerator

Justicar + 5x PAGK w/ 1x Incinerator

Justicar + 5x PAGK w/ 2x Psycannons

GK LR w/ Extra Armour, Psycannon Bolts, Smoke

GK LR w/ Extra Armour, Psycannon Bolts, Smoke

GK LR w/ Extra Armour, Psycannon Bolts, Smoke

When going first, I use the Godhammers to drop the transports and the Psycannons/Heavy Bolters to reduce the infantry. When going second, I've been keeping everything either clustered behind terrain or in reserve, then move to pop transports/reduce infantry.

The few times DE ever got into assault with any of my GK, they stalled out and my GK's won the close combat (generally followed by the DE breaking, falling back, and getting gunned down in the following turn). I've had less need to kite foot-slogging GK vs DE as I've been almost always dealing was their version of "Raider-Rushing", and having to focus fire to put the DE in a position of moving or shooting (not as good a choice for them as it is for me).

As to Marines, I love running a Tri-Raider list with them, too at 1500pts, which uses Redeemers. This is one of my "Deathwatch Kill Team" lists:

Librarian w/ Bolt Pistol, Gate, and either Avenger or Vortex
Techmarine w/ power weapon (Axe)
6-man Vanguard squad w/ all power weapons
Crusader w/ Multi-melta

Tactical Marine Squad w/ 1x Melta, 1x Missile Launcher
Redeemer w/ Multi-melta

Tactical Marine Squad w/ 1x Melta, 1x Missile Launcher
Redeemer w/ Multi-melta

While I know that there are more efficient ways to run Marines, this was a tournament list that allow my to generate 30+ power weapon attacks on a charge as well as combat squading off the heavy weapons into bolstered cover. Gate was used mostly for last minute objective contesting.