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09-23-2009, 12:10 PM
So me and 5 friends have decided to start a Mordheim Campaign. I'll be using the Marauders of Chaos warband found on the Burning Border Town website.

In order to do this we decided to write our own campaign. So that's basically what I did, here are the rules, I tried to keep them as simple as possible.

Mordheim Campaign
1.General Set-Up
Each army starts with 500gc. The starting locations are identified in colored bands. Their numbers being 3, 7, 16, 21, 28, 31.
2.The Turn
Every turn, an army can do 1 move. The player writes their move down, and when that is done they are all revealed. You can only move into adjacent squares to where you have a plot. If that move would take you into another players plot, or two or more armies would meet in a plot, play a game. The winner gets the plot. Some of the plots use set scenarios.
3.Ending the Game
The player who has the most plots at the end of 20 turns wins. In case of a tie, a game is played between the two players.
4.Special Zones and Fighting
Those zones with bridges (7, 10, 19, 20 ) are special. If a player controls the zone and is attacked, the defender may choose between Street Fight and Breakthrough. If two players meet at an unoccupied bridge, they play a street fight. In a street fight, the losing side also loses their adjacent plot which their attack came from. In the event of a multi-player game, the win takes the plot from the last player to lose (so it’s advantageous to lose first).
Those zones with water (8, 9, 18 ) use a large column of water going through the middle of the battle field. Any player who gains control of a river cannot move from it on the following turn. They may move from somewhere else they control.
5.Special Zone Rules
The Barracks (plot 2), the owner of the barracks get +1 to their max number cap.
Memorial Gardens (plot 4), the owner of the gardens does not have to make rarity rolls for poisons and garlic.
Gates (plots 3, 7, 21, 28 ), the owner of a Gate may always purchase gear from their starting list and do not need to use the prices found in the common items tables in the main rulebook.
Palace (plot 11), the owner of the palace can make rarity rolls at 2 lower than the common list says.
Rich Quarter (plot 5), the owner gets 10gc at the start of every turn they own the rich quarter.
Statue (plot 6), the owner of the statue may reroll 1 failed route test per game that they control the statue.
Executioners Square (plot 15), the owner of the executioner’s square, if they won, can get their opponent to re-roll their second die on the hero serious injury chart. They must choose which hero before hand, but don’t have to get them to re-roll it if they prefer the first roll. They second roll always stands.
Gaol (plot 14), the owner of the gaol can treat ‘robbed’ outcomes on the hero injury chart as a full recovery.
Cemetery (plot 16), the owner of the cemetery may add warriors and not have to pay for their gained experience. This only works when they join a group which already has experience, and you still have to roll to see if they can get enough experience.
Temples (plots 17, 29), the owner who controls a Temple has the difficulty of all their spells lowered by 1. This does not stack.
The Rock (plot 19), the owner of the rock may, after each game, add +1 to his overall dice roll for wyrdstone (note this does not go to any one dice). This may increase the total number of wyrdstone accrued.
Poor Quarter (plot 22), the owner of the poor quarter may buy common items of 10gc or under at price rounding up.
The Pit (plot 24), the owners leader gain hatred to all opposing warbands leaders.
The Black Pit (plot 39), if any hero get’s sold to the pit and loses to a pit fighter, the owner of the pit gets the gear from the hero.
Amphitheatre (plot 25), the owners leader gets a 3” increase to his leadership range.
Market Square (plot 33), the owner of the market does not have to pay upkeep fees for 1 hired sword. Does not work for dramatis personae.
Wizards Mansion (plot 28 ), the owner may have a sorcerer roll for a new addition spell. They do not lose this spell when the mansion falls. However, you can never get this bonus more than once.
Clock Tower (plot 23), the owner of the clock tower may choose to re-roll the dice when choosing a scenario.
City Hall (plot 32), the owner of city hall may add +1 to their dice roll when searching for dramatis personae.
Merchants Quarter (plot 36), the owner can sell wyrdstone as if their warband was in a number bracket 1 lower (ie if you have 10-12, you can sell it as if you have 7-9 members).
Great Library (plot 37), the owner of the library may have a hero gain 1 free academic skill. If none of their hero’s can gain academic skills, then this plot is useless to them (their hero’s are too dumb to read). You can never get this bonus more than once.
The map is kind of big, so here is the link to it: http://i467.photobucket.com/albums/rr35/darcchipmunk/MorheimCampaignMap.jpg

Any advice or criticism would be great.


09-23-2009, 06:18 PM
looks pretty solid. the campaign in mordheim is only worth it if you actually put in the time to make some of the cool scenery that represent the different parts of the city. the unique scenarios are a must too!

There used to be a pdf that was floating around that may have appeared in a town cryer at some point, the file i had was incomplete, i.e. missing pages from the end, but the rules were very similar. in general the rules are pretty similar to the general s compendium campaign rules for fantasy, which is a good thing. in our campaign, we went ahead and implemented a system whereby if you had enough territories, you would get another "banner", ie. 500 gc gang. this was cool becuase it let people try out differnat combos and variations of their warband, and brought into play a whole nother tactical side where your newly started warband could be easy pickings for a more veteran warband, but also potentially get lots of exp!

it worked pretty well for us, you jsut need to make sure you dont have people runnig around with a ton of warbands, as it will be problematic to get all your games in before the next campaign turn, you can make the # of territories higher to obtain an additional warband. OR of course you can just leave that whole mechanic out!

in any event, mordheim is one of my favorite specialist games, and a campaign setting is great for it.

have fun!

09-24-2009, 05:14 PM
I like it, its pretty well thought out for a simple campaign. My mistake when iI started writing campaigns was that I went overboard with what we could realistically do. You guys seem to have avoided that without dumbing it down.

09-24-2009, 08:35 PM
I guess that's an advantage of having 1 person write it. I legitimately ran out of new creative idea's for things.

The only thing that we may add which is not on there is we may use special zones for each race, where if they control that zone they get a special bonus and it counts as 2 plots at the end of the game.

Thanks for the positive words.