View Full Version : A few really simple tactics.

09-25-2009, 12:50 PM
Alright children time for a lesson in how to kill your foe so stop picking your nose and pay attention.

1)Outflanking-Get any cavalry/flyer/monster/chariot and place them on either flank and march them forwards ASAP. When they are almost level with the enemy turn them in to face the flank of your enemies and CHARGE. With a decent unit of cavalry-dragon princes, bretonnia, chaos knights etc it will be like a snoughplough in effect.

2)Pincer-Same as out flanking but with a unit on both flanks-always preferable. Double pincer is a more elaborate attack where a similar pair of units is on the centre and do the same as an out flank just turning outwards to crush on both sides:D.

3)Elite infantry-Put on either side of a normal infantry unit but give some free reign and be prepared to counter charge the unit of infantry. Bear in mind this becomes more apparent when the normal unit is worth more points than the elite unit,basically if you fail to counter charge or help break enemy units that you charge then you may give away too many points to the enemy:mad:.

4)Fast cavalry/Flyers-These units are good at outflanking, good at taking table quarters when no-ones there (or a really crap unit) and they can keep frenzied units occupied without taking damage! They do this by keeping out of range of their charge but by staying the closest visible unit to the frenzied, all the while shooting with any missile weapon available, when ready CHARGE:D

5)Skirmishers/Flyers-Since the good skirmishers can scout i'll focus on that first. Basically deploy them near a war machine/character/smallish or crappy unit and shoot and kill, very easy. For the ones that can't scout deploy them in front of a weak unit or elite unit that needs blocking from the enemy and move away for a counter charge in the case of elite and prepare to do the counter charging in the case of a weak unit.

There that wasn't hard was it children? Post your replies if you have other ideas.