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07-07-2012, 07:06 AM
Hey! I'm a long-time fan of Dark Heresy / Black Crusade / Rogue Trader (to an extent), and I just wanted to share the characters I've made over the years! Maybe I can inspire any of you who GM, or maybe it will help give more perspective on how different groups play. I'm from Owensboro, KY. We have a small group of longtime friends who play together. Anyway, I'll start with the oldest characters and work my way up.

Zorander Apollo

A fiery youth of the Paradise World Cidorus IV, Zorander was the son of an Imperial Commander who was always off fighting for The Imperium. One fateful day however, things changed. On a rare visit home, his father was interrogated and executed by an Inquisitorial Agent. Unbeknownst to them, Zorander witnessed the event. The trauma of the situation caused him to finally manifest his Psychic Abilities, which burned down his home and ended the lives of his family. With nothing left but the tormenting vagaries of the warp, the Inquisitorial Agent made sure he found his way to a Black Ship. Fifteen years later, Zorander joined the Inquisition in search of answers.

Van Hine

Orphaned soon after birth, Van Hine had only one friend in the world-- his older brother Taz. They both grew up in the dank, rotting, and constantly shifting world of Scintilla's Underhive. Being clever and utterly without qualms, Van and Taz turned easily to a life of theft. Even though they were low-lives, the Inquisition recognized their skills when the Hine brothers robbed a prominent establishment on Hive Tarsus. Leaving behind their gang, the brothers became part of an Eilte Acolyte Cell that went on to expose a heretical Inquisitor and unwind the secrets of the Haarlock's. Along the way, Van was utterly decimated by a Heavy Flamer, rebuilt, given new life and power by a Mal-Tech device, joined and left The Red Redemption, and was witness to a grand betrayal by his own brother consorting with Daemons.

[Actually, this is a lot more writing than I expected, and I'm only very briefly summarizing my characters. Let me know about your NPCs/Characters too! If people are interested I'll update with some more.]

10-02-2012, 06:26 PM
Both look pretty solid. If I get some spare time I might put up some of my game's PCs and NPCs, well what the Players have discovered at least :P