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Tzeentch's Dark Agent
08-14-2012, 02:53 AM
Hello all,

I thought this would be an interesting session to run, possibly one-off, may run for a couple of missions. Who knows?

So, we join Squad Arcas, a part of the honoured Purifier Order. They are sent to a planet that is in the midst of a daemonic incursion, basically it's going to be a huge session filled with guns, swords, and laser explosions. Daemons are going to be ever increasing as the story progresses. I think a combat oriented group would like this, there would be plenty o' action.
The Knight of the Flame will likely die in a glorious ending killing a Bloodthirster or another Greater Daemon.

There will likely be a Paladin intervention if sh!t gets real.


EDIT: I'd be using the White Wolf system, because the D100 system is an aberration.

08-14-2012, 03:06 AM
i am liking the sound of this and would be very very intrigued! please do provide me with more information if this comes to fruition!


Tzeentch's Dark Agent
08-14-2012, 04:36 AM
I'll put up the full story when it is typed.
It's very linear, no sandboxing for this group. :p

If the Squad try to go from their course then the Knight of the Flame will correct them.

It's going to be on a Grade 3 Forge World (about level with Graia), which of course means that the Purifiers are going to be accompanied by a Techmarine. :D

Just for lulz.

Think I'll have Crowe and Hyperion show up at the start. :D