View Full Version : Space Wolves List 1500

10-03-2009, 12:09 AM
Ok so I have play tested this list and it worked very well against guard and black templar. But I think in the next test I will change it a bit. Let me know what ya think.

grey hunters x10 x2 mg x1 motw rhino
grey hunters x10 x2 mg x1 motw rhino
grey hunters x10 x2 pg rhino
wolf priest living lightning/ hurricane
wolf priest living lightning / jotw
long fangs x6 x3 ml x2 hb
long fangs x5 ml
wolf guard x10 x7 combi melta x1 bolter x2 terminators /w cyclone ml
predator /w hb sponsons

1500 even

With the list i put a wolf priest and a terminator with the cyclone ml in each dev squad. The rest of the wolf guard go in a drop pod who drop in first turn and instant kill a land raider or something else realy annoying. I was thinking, because the wolf priest usually dont pay for themselves. I should drop both of them and the predator and get bjorn since my klll is defended and sitting in the back. Wonder what yall think? Let me know

10-03-2009, 08:28 AM
Just got my codex yesterday. First question is 'wot - no Land raiders?' Because 1 battle cannon or plasma cannon and your long fangs are in the poo.