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09-11-2012, 02:06 AM
This is the lot:

49 Marines with Bolters (painted)
8 Marines with Meltas (painted)
6 Marines with Flamers (painted)
5 Champions with Power Fists (painted)
2 Champions with Power Weapons (painted)
16 Berserkers (Marined with dual Chain Swords, Painted)
2 Berserker Champions with Power Weapons (Painted)
3 Terminators with Power Weapons and Combi-meltas (Painted
6 Obliterators (Terminators with Plasma Cannons and Power Fists, Painted)
3 Raptors (Assault Marines with dual Pistols, Painted)
2 Raptors with Melta Guns (Painted)
7 Rhinos (Painted)
2 Land Raiders (Painted)
1 Vindicator (Painted)

16 Bloodletters (Painted)
4 Flesh-hounds (Lord of the Rings Wargs, Painted)
4 Daemon Prince / Bloodthirsters (Lord of the Rings Balrogs, Painted)

4 Berserkers (Base Coated)
8 Marines with Bolters (base coated)
6 Marines with Plasma (base coated)
3 Chaos Lords/Sorcerors in Power Armor (Base Coated)
1 Chaos Lord/sorceror in Terminator Armor (Base Coated)
13 Raptors (Base Coated)
2 Raptor Champions with Power Fists (Base coated)
2 Rhinos (Base Coated)
3 Predators with Lascannon Turrets and no Sponsons (Base coated)

46 Bloodletters (assembled, unprimed)
3 Bloodletters with Standards (assembled, unprimed)
3 Bloodcrushers (one with Standard, assembled, unprimed)
16 Flesh Hounds (assembled, unprimed)

6 Flesh Hounds (no bases)
10 Flesh Hounds (these are Chaos Hounds, also no bases)

Everything that is painted is based. Everything that is base-coated is base-coated with the army painter bone primer.

***These are not Chaos Space Marine Models***

They are Space Marine models from which the insignia have been removed (except some sword icons).

The Berserkers are robed Dark Angels Veteran models (insignia removed, as above) with Chainswords.

The raptors are Space Marine Assault Marines with Bolt Pistols.

There are no spiky bits!

This constitutes around 6000 points of chaos space marines (a little over 4000 of which is painted), as well as around 2500 points of Chaos Daemons (That's fantasy--I don't really know how many points the daemons would be in 40k).

Pictures available on request.

Make me an offer if you're interested!