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10-04-2009, 11:05 PM
WhereWIthhere I live now they play 1850, so I have 35 points left. I am making an army from Krakendoom's great company, so they are all mounted to go a viking. Move fast and get in there with 60 marines, 2 groups 2 rhinos with an assault squad. The preds taking on other tanks and the whirlwind softening up troops.

190 wolf lord, storm shield, frost blade, saga of the warrior born

245 10 grey hunters, powerfist 2x plasma guns plasma pistol rhino
220 10 grey hunters melta flamer powerfist rhino
220 10 grey hunters melta flamer powerfist rhino
205 9 grey hunters melta powerfist rhino

fast attack
205 10 skyclaws powerfist
205 10 skyclaws powerfist

heavy support
120 predator autocannon las sponsons
120 predator autocannon las sponsons
85 whirlwind

10-05-2009, 06:16 AM
Assault Troops in a Rhino is a bad idea, you can't assault after disembarking so you're exposed to shooting for a turn (or you gte avoided).

GH only have 1 melta, it's like having no melta. Using your troops as sacrificial tank busters may not be the best plan either. PF are a waste on them.

Skyclaws are trash.

I would highly recommend some Wolves or Thunderwolves to give you a real assault unit. The vehicles can herd enemies around, but these dedicated assaulters can deliver a true crushing blow. Lord on a Wolf in a unit of doggies and 2 units of T-Wolves would be ideal.

10-05-2009, 09:57 AM
I think that skyclaws are better than blood claws generally. But in your list i would say that you need either some more HQs to go with the grey hunters or some wolf guard. LD 8 is not as reliable as most people believe,.

10-05-2009, 11:25 AM
I think the skyclaws are a better choice, but I was thinking about having 6 rhinos, that might be an option worth looming at, only 5 more points each squad I think, I'm at school so no book.
I was also thinking of some wolfguard in there, it would be a net increase of 3 points to exchange a hunter. Although I like the triple plasma shooting squad the other two however need a wolf guard, probably with power weapon to keep them cheapish. But I would need one more for minimum squad size and they cannot join skyclaws, just blood claws and swift claws. So that would reqire some changes. But doing them as blood claws would give me 6 scoring units, the plasma would w a good objective holder, and the rest good at going for the rest of them.