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10-02-2012, 01:06 AM
Hi there,

I understand this should be in the trading section of this forum but I have not made enough posts to be able to add there.
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Just letting you know I am selling my entire Epic collection - Squats, Imperial Guard, Orks, Space Marines and Titans. It is all Space Marine (2nd edition) & Titan Legions era, so all the minis are on square bases.

They are being sold by 'company' card or 'support' card - so the Space Marine Battle Companies for sale have the command stand, 6 assualt stands, 6 tactical stands and 6 devastator stands and 10 Rhinos.

Many of troops and vehicles are painted to a good gaming standard - you could get a completely painted, coherent, Guard or SM army in one go, ready to hit the gaming table as soon as they arrive.

All lots have a 99p starting price with no reserves.

The whole collection has been owned by myself from new and has been very well looked after. Smoke free, pet free home.

If you are in any doubts as to my credibility, please check my feedback.

The items can be found listed under my Ebay ID, airfixaddict

As I could only list 100 items, I have had to list some under my wifes Ebay ID, harrygeorge1

I hope this allows people to fill gaps in their armies.

Best regards,