View Full Version : Wiki for alt. W40k roleplay setting

10-02-2012, 06:45 PM
When I was introduced to 40k rp, I took a look at the setting and thought 'it's nice, but I want something different', so I went about creating my own sector of space

2 years later (RL can do that), I'd finished enough to get a group playing. One of them suggested that I put the game notes up on a Wiki, which has worked out really well for everyone, it makes it really easy to track game details without being bogged down in mounds of paper.

Anyway, for those who may be interested in an alternate place to run around defending/destroying/exploiting the Imperium/Dark Forces of Chaos/Xenos scum, may I introduce you to the Aurecles Sector:


Be aware this is a living document, and new stuff will be added on a regular basis. Anywhoo, feel free to have a poke around, tell me what you think of it.