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10-26-2012, 06:30 PM
Up for sale is my large, mostly painted Vanilla Space Marine army.


The majority of the army has been painted to table-top quality with some models being WIP and a slew of others being higher quality as they were done by the fine folks over at Blue Table Painting.

The army includes the following:

Blue Table Painting models:

3x Space Marine Captains (Jump Pack, Lightning Claws)
2x Space Marine Captains (Thunderhammer, Storm Shield)
1x Space Marine Techmarine (Bolter, Servo Harness) - SOLD
2x Assault Marine Sergeant (Power Axe, Silenced Bolt Pistol, Thunderhammer)
10x Assault Marines (9x Silenced Bolt Pistol, 9x Combat Knife, Flamer)
2x Razorback Transport (Magnetized, 2x Heavy Bolter, 2x TL Lascannon, 2x Las/Plas (original turrets added later by me, WIP))
2x Wrecked Razorback Transport (Magnetized, Flaming Heavy Bolter, Destroyed Lascannon, Wrecked Weapon)

Models done by me:

2x Landspeeder Typhoon (2x Heavy Bolter, 2x Cyclone Missile Launcher)
1x Stormtalon Gunship (TL Heavy Bolter, TL Assault Cannon)
19x Space Marine w/ Bolter
3x Space Marine Sergeant (DA Robed Bodies, 3x Bolt Pistol, 3x Chainsword)
2x Space Marine w/ Meltagun
4x Space Marine w/ Lascannon
2x Space Marine w/ Missile Launcher
2x Space Marine w/ Heavy Bolter
2x Space Marine w/ Plasma Cannon (w/ Armorcast Battle Effects)
12x Space Marine Scout (9x Sniper Rifle, 2x Heavy Bolter, 1x Missile Launcher)
1x Custom Torias Telion (Made from plastic Scout w/ Sniper Rifle and a Bolter)
5x Space Marine Assault Terminators (5x Thunderhammer, 5x Storm Shield)
1x Space Marine Terminator Chaplain
1x Space Marine Land Raider (Magnetized, Can switch to Terminus Ultra)
2x Space Marine Whirlwind (Magnetized, 1x Storm Bolter)
1x Space Marine Thunderfire cannon - SOLD
1x Forge World Space Marine Deathstorm Drop Pod (Magnetized Doors, Assault Cannons)

The army will also come with a large box full of relevant bits and sprues including most of the weapons I didn't use as well as some other goodies. Also included is a large GW Carrying Case with foam that has been cut to fit the army; most of the army will fit in the case though some of it will not fit.

Altogether there is over $1000 worth of goodness here (not factoring in things like Blue Table Painting commission fees of course) and I'm looking to get half that; my asking price is $460 O.B.O.

I'm looking to move this army quick as I need some cash so be sure to contact me A.S.A.P if you are interested. I will also entertain partial trades consisting of a few specific Lego sets or Lego store credit though this would be worked out via PMs.