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10-27-2012, 03:00 PM
Still trying to downsize before moving - some of my warhammer armies, any reasonable offer considered. Wood Elves are painted except lord on stag + warhawks, skaven undercoated or untouched except verminlord basecoated brown

30 archers
6 scouts/waywatchers
15 glade riders
20 dryads
6 converted treekin
1 scratchbuilt treeman
lord on stag
2 spellweavers
limited edition BSB
3 warhawk riders
lord on eagle (conversion)
wardancers incl wardancer lord
highborn with greatweapon
army book

1 (http://photos4.pix.ie/62/58/62580F2542C040699BC35BEF9FBE2D9B-500.jpg)
2 (http://photos4.pix.ie/9F/D1/9FD1D3AF42E240708608703F01DD487C-800.jpg)
3 (http://photos4.pix.ie/B8/8D/B88D91EB9BC447C59B38AF52CEFA79DD-640.jpg)
4 (http://photos4.pix.ie/63/68/63688D3E18C642D199E4B42B8FA1185B-800.jpg)
5 (http://photos4.pix.ie/59/04/59044136C16345F9A688967757E41FF7-640.jpg)
6 (http://photos5.pix.ie/92/3F/923F96FD592C45E9A63FD2C74143F43E-500.jpg)

Verminlord on resin base
lord skrolk
oop plague priest
40 plague monks
10 plague censer bearers
6 poison wind globadiers
6 gutter runners w/nets
4 assassins
OOP sknitich
finecast sknitich
2 metal packmasters
2 IoB packmasters
10 giant rats
grey seer
oop metal plaguemonk command (so the block of 40 can be put into 2 x 20)
2 plagueclaw catapults
oop metal doomwheel
2 IoB warpfire throwers
2 IoB mortars
40 clanrats w/spear
40 clanrats w/hw+shield
metal queek head-taker
IoB warlord
BSB - converted from IoB warlord
4 ratogres - 2 with resin bases

200, pictures if interested but pretty much as standard!

Cryx: (under offer)
plastic jack*,
2 rippers,
2 spitters,
gorman dewulfe,
6 bile thralls,
necrotek* + scrap thrall*,
mk2 deck,
green templates,
pistol wraith,
withershadow combine.

85 obo

All painted except *


FW Imperial/Crimson fists rhino upgrade resin parts. - 4

10 flesh tearer shoulderpads - 50% of RRP
some flesh tearer forgeworld etched brass - 2
set of land raider tracks - 4

DoC seekers of slaanesh
various daemonettes

1 FW Auctocannon+backpack + targeter 3
1 FW missile launcher +holding hand 3
CSM terminator combi weapons + reaper autocannon, 2 power axes, various heads, shoulders etc 4 the lot

15 Micro Arts Studio 25mm 'infested' bases and 20 20mm 'infested' bases. These are resin and no longer in production. A pack RRP is about 4.50-5 I'm happy to take 15 for the full lot of them.

Nids (http://photos4.pix.ie/90/8C/908C7C9064EA4F1892C3FFBC27D83DB9-0000314369-0003007777-00800L-3E57E13FD3F84E7980ED8DD1BE6DDCC1.jpg):
8 Genestealers (nos) 8
5 Gants (nib) 4

4 oop metal swordmasters (10)

2 oop blue horrors (4)

oop Savage Orc Boss. (3)


primed/unpainted/nos tau

primed/unpainted/nos iob seaguard, & mage(s)
primed/unpainted/nos phoinex guard
primed/unpainted/nos dragon princes
primed/unpainted/nos dragon lord
primed/unpainted/nos BSB/HE prince

plague bearers
Left handed bolt pistols and/or infernus pistols - only about 2 or 3

10-31-2012, 05:58 AM
prices reduced.

11-03-2012, 10:27 AM
Price reduction before ebay

11-10-2012, 05:12 AM
bump as crons sold, have cryx too

01-14-2013, 04:08 PM
bump update with pictures and wants. No love for fantasy?