View Full Version : Willy Miniatures Chaos Blood Bowl Indiegogo campaign

11-22-2012, 08:19 AM
I am a big fan of Willy miniatures and have bought several of his blood bowl minis in the past.

They have an Indiegogo campaign up and running for a chaos team. I am personally all over this!


Here is is main site


01-09-2013, 04:54 PM
Wish I could afford to contribute to this as those gallery pics of the Chaos Team are very nice indeed. 10 days to go and under $500 left to raise to ensure funding, I'd say it's pretty safe to say that this one will be going ahead. Would be nice to see them hit a couple stretch goals too so as to have new figures for the Chaos Star Players (especially Lord Borak!).

EDIT: Ahh screw it, checked it a few mins back and it had just $8 to go, so I've chipped in for a Chaos Warrior to nudge it over the finish line!

01-10-2013, 02:39 PM
Well done! :D

I'm really looking forward to playing with these.

I think chaos teams can be very strong after a couple of improvements. They aren't my go to team by any means but these minis might change that.


01-13-2013, 09:15 AM
Well it's gone past $12k now, so there will be at least 1 Chaos Star Player added to the mix (they will be adding a new $8 perk for him once they have him ready to show off) and that will be Lord Borak the Despoiler. I was kinda hoping for Duke Luthor von Hawkfire personally as the existing Lord Borak figure is pretty good and the Duke is a Chaos Warrior with throwing skills, something badly needed in the team, but I'm sure Borak's sculpt will be lovely and I'll end up getting it anyway.

01-17-2013, 12:21 PM
Just went past $18k so there will be 2 Star Players and we're only a couple thousand short of a third one (with 62 hours still to go). The Star Players will be Lord Borak and also a Chaos Warrior with Chainsaw (who could pass for legendary player Engel "The Exterminator" von Evilstein I suppose).