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10-21-2009, 03:53 PM
Hi folks,

I own the website Megaminis.co.uk and am a member of a gaming club based in Glasgow called St Aidens Warriors.

Myself and three other members are planning on doing a four month event based on the 'Tale Of Four Gamers' articles which were recently featured in White Dwarf. We intend to run regular updates on both Megaminis.co.uk and on St Aidens Warrior's website which include battle reports and painting blogs.

Each of us are starting a new army and will paint 500 points per month. At the end of each month, we will play a game against another player taking part and will gain points for both winning games and painting miniatures.

The other players have chosen Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar and Necrons. I have been playing Imperial Guard for the past couple of years and decided to start a Space Wolves army. My intention is to use fun miniatures and avoid gun lines.

I'm looking for some input on the following Space Wolves army list:

x4 Terminators with Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers
Drop Pod

Logan Grimnar
x4 Terminators with Frost Weapons and Storm Bolters
Drop Pod

x9 Wolf Guard with Frost Weapons
Drop Pod

Dreadnought with Extra Armour, Woolftooth Necklace, Heavy Flamer and Autocannon.
Drop Pod

Dreadnought with Extra Armour, Woolftooth Necklace, Heavy Flamer and Plasma Cannon.
Drop Pod

2000 points.

I think that the above list would be good fun to play and fairly competitive. What do you guys think?

10-22-2009, 01:10 AM
I would take advantage of the fact that you can pick and choose upgrades in the Wolf Guard squads to save yourself a ton of points.

You only need 1-2 Thunderhammers in a single squad, and only 2-3 storm shields. That saves you enough points to buy another terminator or two somewhere.

Same with all those frostblades. It's overkill. Plus the lack of powerfists allows walkers to tie you up. Drop all but a few of the Frost Blades, and throw a powerfist/thunderhammer or two into each of the frostblade squads.

Something else I'll point out: On terminators with storm bolters, Wolf Claws are better than Frost Blades, and cheaper. Frost blades are only better than Wolf Claws when you have a Bolt Pistol to get +1 A. Since you don't get the bonus attack with storm bolters, trade those Frost Blades for Wolf Claws, and save some points (and make the unit better).

10-22-2009, 02:19 AM
Darklink thanks for the response.

I decided to go with x9 Frost Blades in Ragnar's unit as on the charge they could potentially have 62 strength 6 attacks. The issue is keeping them alive long enough in order to get that number of attacks.

Regarding the Frost Blades in Grimnar's unit, Grimnar can choose to use a power fist and with preferred enemy, the unit can re-roll their rolls to hit. In other words they can get the re-rolls from a Wolf Claw and have strength 5 opposed to 4. The storm bolters would also give the unit 10 shooting attacks prior to entering the assault all with re-rolls.

Right or wrong, I decided to place Njal with a unit of Storm Shields and Thunderhammers due to Njal being able to offer a number of ranged attacks for the unit and the 3+ inv saves, should be able to keep Njal alive long enough to get his more powerful Lord Of Tempest spells.

Do you think that mixing the Terminator squads would work better and if so, how would you split them up?

Do you think that the lack of numbers would negate the 2+ saves and 3-5+ inv saves?

If I was take your advice and save some points, what would you spend the points on?

10-22-2009, 11:22 AM
Ah, I forgot about Grimnar's preffered enemy. Of course with Wolf Claws, you could reroll to hit and to wound:cool:.

And with fun lists, rule of cool (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RuleOfCool) beats out optimal weapon choice.

But if you were to save some points somewhere, you might be able to buy a cheap unit or two of something.

If you cut back to 2 TH's and 3 SS in Njal's unit, switched all the Frost Blades in Grimnar's unit to Wolf Claws, and dropped the 9 Frostblades down to 2 and a TH, you'd save 180pts total. Enough to get another Drop Pod Dreadnought, roughly.

Something else I noticed was a relative lack of anti-tank. You might want to buy some combi-meltas in the each units for targets of opportunity. Luckily, they're cheap, at 5pts each.