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01-20-2013, 05:38 PM
hi all, archimbald here, for the past while i have been thinking more and more about modular terrain, not modular in the sense of "these kits can be mixed but still need glue" like Cities of Death, but kits that can be used in various forms and ways. Also with building a modular mountainside/underground board, i have discovered the lack of bunkers in 28mm/1:35 scale that are available in other scales. Sure GW produces a shell one, but what about ones that have removable tops, or tunnels that can be used to connect them or as trenches, or blast doors, or a plethora of other options. thus i have decided to make my own and cast them up using a piece at home. they will be done to a setting free style, meaning usable in Infinity, WH40k, Warmahordes

but wait i hear you say, "casting is an expensive process, requiring time, effort and money." well, yes it does.

my plan is as follows

1)design the kits on 3d sculpting software

2)have each minimalistic kit 3d printed once

3)make a cast of the printed kit using RTV(room temp vulcanising) Silicone

4) use RTV resin to make copies

5) potentially sell copies at enough to cover basic cost and shipping:

now i don't plan on getting all this done quickly, not
by along shot, but any input from you guys would be much appreciated, especially concerning aesthetics. by all means, tear this plan to shreds, as long as its not just "this wont work", please tell me why, as im interested in feedback

https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=51509F1417397BB6!166&authkey=!AG3iYmDHCpFVJ0Y is a bit of some of my current work-in-progress being done on google Sketchup, a nice piece of freeware.


TL: DR looking for input on terrain making, esp aesthetics and

01-20-2013, 05:48 PM
with exception of the 3d printing, this is how I do all of my own stuff. This is a perfect plan for small scale production (if you want to make just a few copies, and enough to sell to cover costs).

07-03-2013, 03:15 AM
That's a really very good idea dude to make 3D images and many other kind of designing. I think if we enlarge this idea than it is possible to use it in big projects also.
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