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03-18-2013, 11:03 AM
These are all also eBay auctions, but I'll give you guys first crack at them. After all, you're my community. You're my bros :P. That said, act fast... you never know when someone might snap it up!

I'm selling off my Cygnar. Here's what I've got. Consider the timeless phrase "or best offer" to float next to each entry. Pictures are available upon request - PM me or email me at mark DOT ls DOT stone AT gmail DOT com.

And so:

Nemo1 (assembled, primed blue) - $9.00
Nemo2 (assembled, primed blue) - $12.00
Nemo3 (assembled) - $16.50
Jeremiah Kraye (assembled, almost painted) - $19.50

Minimum Stormguard (assembled, needs some gap fill) - $25.00
Storm Tower (assembled, tower is primed white but spotter is not) - $11.25
Black 13th (assembled, primed white) - $12.75

Hunter (completed, painted to a good tabletop standard) - $35.00
Hunter (assembled, primed blue) - $12.75
Firefly (assembled, flat-painted, and dipped, not yet highlighted) $14.25
Firefly (assembled, primed blue) - $12.75
Minuteman (assembled, primed blue) - $18.00
Sentinel (assembled, primed blue) - $14.25
Ironclad (completed, painted to a good tabletop standard) $50.00
Cyclone (assembled, primed blue) - $26.25
Thunderhead (assembled, almost painted) - $37.50

Squire (completed, painted to a good tabletop standard) - $20
Stormsmith Stormcallers x3 (assembled, primed blue) - $13.50
Journeyman Warcaster (assembled, primed white) - $6.75
Reinhldt (assembled, primed white) - $4.50
Arlan Strangeways (assembled, primed white) - $10.50

Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar (softcover) - $25
Warmachine: Wrath (softcover) - $25