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11-06-2009, 01:53 AM

Another issue of Warp Rift comes into view! Issue 26 has an article on introducing the game in the current environment. While many complain about the negative aspects (and they are there), the game still has a lot going for it, and many reasons to be upbeat. We then present the fleets of Hydraphur, Kar Duniash and Solar with new fleet list and rules. Following this, we have a response article on Strike Cruisers, and then pictures of some of the spectacular ships entered into this years Battlefleet Gothic Painting Competition, GothiComp09. Finishing off, we have the first half of our fiction piece - The Ship - and article on ship building using those additional bits of old models that we all seem to horde, some useful counters and a stunning 3D render of an Adeptus Mechanicus vessel.

As always, we would appreciate any feedback, comments and submissions, either through eMail or on the Tactical Command forums. Until next time, happy gaming.

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Download here:
WARP RIFT (http://www.epic40k.co.uk/bfgmag/index.html)
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11-06-2009, 08:00 AM
Very good issue. I especially love the article about "introducing the game in the current environment." I have been trying to get the guys here to play BFG more, and there are good ideas to help me do just that.

Thank you:)