View Full Version : Where are the Dark Elves?

12-01-2009, 02:26 AM
Anyone know what's happening to The Dark Elf models forBlood Bowl? I went on the G.W. site after playing the PC game. It was the first time I had used DE in the game. And they're cool :) So cool in fact, I was gonna collect a team just to paint up! But there are no DE models on the GW site. Anyone know why?
I know DE are a respected team; in the later game, in the hands of a decent coach, they're probably the best team out there, so it seems odd they'd simply stop producing the models. In addition, the DE star players are still available. Does this mean the models are being revamped?

12-02-2009, 05:25 PM
On the GW site look under

Specialist Games - Blood Bowl - Elf Teams

12-08-2009, 02:56 PM
Oh yeah, seen. What would the Dark Elvs say, being lumbered in with their do-gooder cousins? And The High Elves being counted under the same banner as those leaf-loving forest skulkers? You'd think there'd be blood!