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08-02-2009, 09:50 AM
Me and my friends are all fairly avid Warhammer fans and evry week we meet up for a game. This week, my Pink Slaanesh worshippers, the dark marauders, were just about to annihalate the Governers palace on Nihlas Prime when, out of nowhere, The Light Blue Imperial Dragons launched a counter attack: A drop pod assault into the very heart of the enemy. This match had a 2000 point limit, and was a normal match of warhammer 40000 with 3 special scoring points:

1- The dark Marauders are led by the infamous sorcerer Magladesh and he is a feared enemy of the Imperium, an enemy the Dragons are planning to get rid off. If Magladesh is killed, the Imperial Dragons gain +1 objective.

2- The Chaplain Kazase and his assault squad killed one of the Dark marauders most powerful Demon Princes. The marauders are determined to destroy them. If the chaplain is destroyed, the dark marauders gain +1 Objective.

3- Both sides wish to possess the Governers palace in the centre of the battlefield. Any unit in base contact with the Governers palace becomes stubborn.

dark marauder Force


Magladesh, Chaos Sorcerer- 180
+Mark of Tzeetch+Bolt of Change+Warptime


10 man Terminator squad- 355
+2 chainfists+ Reaper Autocannon

10 man Terminator squad- 340
+ 2 Heavy Flamers+ 2 chainfists

10 man terminator squad-310
+2 heavy Flamers


Ten man Chaos Space marines- 160

5 man chaos Space marines-75

ten man Chaos Space Marine- 170
+2 Meltaguns

Ten man Chaos Space marines-165
+Flamer and meltagun

Heavy support

Vindicator- 155
+Extra armour+Havoc launcher

+Extra Armour+havoc Launcher+Dirge caster

=1495 points

Imperial Dragons

I am not sure exactly what my brothers list is, as he keeps it closely guarded as he is that kind of person but in the battle he used:

Chaplain Kazase with ten man Assault squad without jump packs mounted in Razorback.
Second ten man assault Squad
2 5-men tactical squads
2 ten man tactical Squads in Rhinos
Dreadnought with Multi-Melta
5 man terminators squad
3 Predators
3 Attack Bikes with Multi-Meltas

Set up

There would be 5 objectives. One 'home' objective is given to each side, and 2 others are also there, one placed by each player. The largest is the Governers Palace, a huge ruin at the centre of the battlefield. The two armies would be deployed opposite each other on the long table edges (Or the short, doesnt really matter too much.).

Turn 1

The dark Marauders seized the iniative and deep striked their 3 10 man terminators right amid enemy lines. these take up the majority (Over 900 points!) of my force, and I often rely on them to do their job well. i teleported some right next to the Cursed Chaplain Kazase and his Assault Squads Razorback. I sent one squad of CSM to each of the objectives, and took hold of one. The others, including the palace, remained beyond my grasp. In the next phase, my Terminators carved their way through the chaplains Rhino with their chainfists and the other squads brought down the nearest things they could find, which happened to be a five man tactical squad and a scout squad. Great!:rolleyes:. Magladesh attempted to hit Kazase with a bolt of change, but, depressingly, rolled a 5 and a 6, so nothing happened.

Then, it was the Imperial Dragons turn. determined to save Kazase, My brother piled in his own 5 man squad of terminators and a ten man assault squad. 3 of my terminators and 1 of his were killed in the resulting combat. meanwhile, one of the remaining three tactical squads shot off in a Rhino and took one objective, then the second got to the governers palace. the third went off to contend the objective i had claimed, and killed three Chaos marines.A multi-melta armed Dreadnought fired at one of the Terminators and killed it. The three Attack bikes zoomed off and destroyed one of my vindicators.

Turn 1 result- Marauders 1-3 Dragons

Turn 2

Determined to deal with the attack bikes my second vindicator took to the fray, and, with one fell swoop, brought all three down. Magladesh joined the contested objective, a crashed pod, and helped clear the pesky tactical squad away, leaving just their Rhino. In the contest surrounding Kazase, 4 Assault marines and 1 more of the loyalist terminators fell, and 2 Marauder terminators were also killed.The Non-Chaplain led Assault squad took a morale check, but passed. my two chaos space marine squads reached the third objective, a dense wood, and the governers palace. In both cases the loyalists refused to move, especially the ten man squad on the Palace as they gained the stubborn special rule.

Then it was the dragons turn. They did very little other than the Multi-melta Dreadnought launching a shot at Magladesh, which was succsessful and he fell, due to Instant Death. Ouch.

Turn 2 Result- Marauders-2-2 dragons

Turn 3

This time the Dragons went first. My poor terminator squad, already halved, were fianlly finished off in one last, lucky assault, taking the dragon termianotrs with them. Chaplain Kazase hadnt even sweated and him and his still mainly intact Assault Squad rose out of the destruction. the other Assault Squad had suffered badly though, and they were sent back to help guard the home objectives. My Vindicator sped up to try to wreak revenge upon the Dreadnought, but the driver missed.The Other Terminators moved in on the governers Palace, and with their help, the Chaos marines already there eliminated the Loyalists. On the last contested objctive, my luck ran out and My squad suffered three casualties, and the reamining 2 ran off after failing a morale check. The Laughing loyalists caught them in a sweeping Advance and the Squad was no more.

Turn 3 Result- Marauders 3-3 Dragons

Turn 4

By now both sides were rapidly running out of troops. Only 2 turns, including this one, were left, and we were equal. Realising the Goverment Palace was lost, Kazase and his Assault squad shot off towards the crashed Pod objective. They got there and what followed was a massacre. 20 attacks, 3 power weapon attacks and rerolls to hit resulted in 6 deaths, and the rest destoryed in a sweeping advance. Today was not a good day to be a Marauder. :(

Realising i was unlikely to win unless i killed Kazase , I reluctantly gave up my Dreadnought hunt and turned my Vindicator towards him, and fired. And, in a dramatic break in tradition, actually killed him and 5 of his squad (The rest stayed on the objective though.)! It was about this point 3 Predators came out of reserve, and, armed with lascannons a plenty, destroyed the Vindicator and 5 terminators. Ah well, the Lord Giveth, the Lord taketh away. :D

Turn 4 result- Marauders 3-4 Dragons

Turn 5

This was the last turn and it was equal. with the late but dramatic arrival of three lascannon heavy predators, suddenly I felt the need to hide my terminators. But thats not the Chaos space marine way, so I Sent them off to chop em apart with their chainfists. And, they brought one down, but the other two reduced the squad to one man. And then that annoying Dreadnought mowed down the last one. So I was left with 6 Terminators, 13 Chaos Space marines and... Erm... Nothing else.I had 2 objectives, a dead chaplain and a few dead Marines to show for it.And that is, more or less, how the battle ended. I presume that the remaining marauders were either shot down by Lascannons or they sacrificed themselves to their unholy gods. Either way, I still lost:

End result- marauders-3-4 Dragons


It was a great battle and i really enjoyed playing it, probably more than you did reading it :D

Thanks for a remote interest!

08-02-2009, 09:02 PM
quick question: how'd your bro get 11 guys in a razorback (transport capacity = 6)?

08-02-2009, 09:09 PM
Well, I have to say, I like you narrative aproach to the battle, with flavorful objectives and the like. I'm a sucker for that kind of narrative gaming, and sounds like your two forces have quite a rivalry going. Keep up the story.

08-03-2009, 01:10 AM
Im not entirely sure how he did it- I was writing this mainly from memory. It was probably a Rhino or a five man squad.

Inquisitor Lord Haestus
08-04-2009, 01:55 AM
I love reading batreps. I wish there were more out there. I will be posting mine after my games (my SM Ursa Marines) and IG (Maldorian Grenadiers) have lots of battles to look forward to...

08-17-2009, 12:04 PM
How did your termis come in turn 1 from reserve? And how did they assault the turn they entered? Was this planetstrike?

08-18-2009, 05:39 AM
I'm not entirely sure... :) It wasn't Planetsrike though. Just somehthing that happens.

08-22-2009, 09:00 AM
wow that story is really cool and the stubborn addition makes it a lot more realistic Good Job!

08-22-2009, 10:39 AM
Sounds to me like a great narrative game between to friends with no rules lawyering.

Termies assaulting the turn they arrived via deep strike and not in a planet strike game?! No biggie, sounds to me like you and your opponent/friend had no problem with such a concept. The number one rule is to have fun right? Well, in a casual game, as long as both players agree before hand, I'd say that makes bending the rules open play!

08-25-2009, 10:21 AM
Sounds to me like a great narrative game between to friends with no rules lawyering.

Termies assaulting the turn they arrived via deep strike and not in a planet strike game?! No biggie, sounds to me like you and your opponent/friend had no problem with such a concept. The number one rule is to have fun right? Well, in a casual game, as long as both players agree before hand, I'd say that makes bending the rules open play!

LOL, I was checking my rule books trying to see how that worked :)

I love the narrative method with background, added a lot of flavor